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Improving Animal Healthcare

ACVS veterinary surgeons strive to improve care of animals every day. The ACVS Foundation works to support these veterinary surgeons and surgeons in training through education and research funding.


Through generous donations by ACVS surgeons, corporations and animal owners, the Foundation promotes learning opportunities at the annual ACVS Surgery Summit.  These sessions allow ACVS surgeons, surgeons in training and general practitioner veterinarians to keep their knowledge current about topics such as limb sparing (alternatives to amputation of a leg) and gastrointestinal surgery.  Additionally, the Foundation partners with Wiley-Blackwell to publish the Advances in Veterinary Surgery book series, which provides state-of-the-art information for veterinarians to use in their practices.


The Foundation provides funds for ACVS surgeons and surgeons in training to investigate a wide variety of topics that lead to better surgical care for the animals that are important to you. Grants awarded have examined and reported on subjects including anesthesia, arthritis, regenerative medicine, and novel surgical procedures.

Please consider supporting the Foundation.

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Your gift will help support the ACVS Foundation’s mission to improve the surgical care
and treatment of all animals through education and research.