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ACVS Foundation Research Grants

The ACVS Foundation research grant programs consider funding for surgically related clinical and basic research. All applications are submitted online to the ACVS Research Committee, which compiles an evaluative ranking of the applications for the ACVS Board of Regents (BOR). Recommendations for funding are then forwarded to the Foundation.  View past research grant recipients.

To be considered for 2020 funding, applications must be received through the ACVS online submission system by January 15.  Any other electronic format or paper copy of the application will not be accepted.

  • Only one application will be considered from each principal investigator per funding cycle.
  • Similar or identical grants cannot be submitted to multiple ACVS grant programs in the same year.
  • The ACVS Research Grants Application Assistance ‘Helpful Tips’ document will assist Residents when applying for ACVS Foundation grant funding.

Zoetis Dual Training Research Grant Program

These grants, sponsored by Zoetis, are available to ACVS residents, individuals who have completed a residency program but not yet achieved Diplomate status, or Diplomates who are currently enrolled in a PhD program. The major goal of this program is to provide “seed” funds for small projects or pilot studies which are specifically designed to target larger granting agencies.

  • There is no restriction on the area of research focus.  Applications may be submitted as part of a larger research program.
  • Applications must be directly related to the PhD program area of study.
  • The total amount to be awarded annually will not exceed $25,000, as either one grant or several smaller grants.
  • ACVS residents and Diplomates may apply at any stage of their PhD program and will be expected to initiate the proposed research program within a year of receiving funds.
  • Application budgets may include salary and tuition.

Surgeon-In-Training Research Grant Program

These grants are only available to candidates in ACVS residency programs.  The resident must submit the application in their name as the Surgeon-in-Training. Details for the Diplomate Supervisor and any co-Investigator are required within the application.

  • The resident must substantially participate in developing and writing the application.
  • Residents should apply during their first two years as the project should be completed by the end of their training.
  • The total amount to be awarded is determined annually and will not exceed $15,000.

Diplomate Clinical Research Grant Program

  • Designed to fund clinically-oriented projects that utilize either clinical case material or experimental subjects to address a clinically-oriented surgical problem.
  • The goal of this program is to fund small “stand-alone” projects or pilot studies specifically designed to target larger granting agencies.
  • The amount awarded is determined annually.
  • Only ACVS Diplomates are eligible to apply as Principal Investigators.
  • The Diplomate must submit the application in their name. Application submission by a resident is not acceptable.
  • The total amount to be awarded annually will not exceed $10,000.

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