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Honor a Mentor Program

The Honor a Mentor Program is a wonderful way to personally acknowledge your mentor’s contribution to you and the College. In appreciation of this special relationship, the ACVS Foundation offers you the opportunity to say “thank you” to the ACVS Diplomate who has helped pave the way for your success.

When a mentor is honored, the ACVS Foundation informs the mentor of the tribute and presents him or her with a certificate. Further recognition includes pictures and quotes of his or her impact and accomplishments as a mentor, which are presented on the ACVS website and at the annual ACVS Surgery Summit.

The minimum donation is only $100. When cumulative donations for an individual mentor reach $1,000 or more, the mentor is honored.

Honored Mentors

View a list of honored mentors who have made a difference in the lives and careers of others!

Initiate Honoring a Mentor

To initiate honoring a mentor, the minimum donation is only $100. Mentors with cumulative donations less than $1,000 are listed on the website and additional donations are encouraged. You may nominate a mentor and then find others to help honor your mentor.

A strategy that has been very successful in having a mentor fully honored at $1,000 or more is for one person to lead the effort by reaching out to others who have been mentored by the potential honoree. The group leader can encourage potential mentee donors to participate and collect the donations. In so doing, the $1,000 benchmark will be reached quickly. The group leader simply mails the completed donation forms and payments to the ACVS Foundation office.

Help to Recognize a Mentor on their Way to Being Honored 

Join others who want to honor mentors who have made a meaningful contribution to their careers. Help honor your mentor.

Take a moment to honor your mentor today by making an online donation.

For further information, please contact the ACVS Foundation at (301) 916-0200 x110 or foundation@acvs.org