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Premier Sponsors

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About the Premier Sponsors Program

The Premier Sponsors Program was developed for companies that want to further enhance their relationship with ACVS Diplomates and the greater ACVS community.

For an annual contribution of $15,000 for a one-year contract term, companies receive exposure and visibility to ACVS’ top leaders and Diplomates, in ACVS’ well-respected publications, electronic media and at the annual ACVS Surgery Summit. In addition to the annual contribution, Premier Sponsors are required to spend an additional $10,000 annually in support of programming for the ACVS Surgery Summit or other ACVS initiatives.

This program is ideal for organizations looking for:

  • Year-round visibility in ACVS publications and electronic media
  • Expanded recognition at the ACVS Surgery Summit
  • Advance choice of sponsorship opportunities for the ACVS Surgery Summit
  • Advance choice of exhibit boothsfor the ACVS Surgery Summit
  • Complimentary registration at the ACVS Surgery Summit for six company representatives, including veterinarians and technicians attending for continuing education.

To ensure the uniqueness of the Premier Sponsor status and the distinct advantages of the program, ACVS limits the number of companies that can be designated as such.

ACVS Premier Sponsor Term and Fees:

  • Term: Two (2) Calendar Years
  • Annual Fee: $15,000 with the visibility and recognition outlined in the Premier Sponsor Program Benefits link
  • Annual Required Support: An additional minimum of $10,000 to support ACVS programs and other mutually agreed upon programs
  • Total Commitment for the One-Year Term: $25,000
  • Limited Number of Premier Sponsors: 10

ACVS Diplomates are encouraged to support ACVS Premier Sponsors whenever possible. As a team, the goal is to facilitate better education and training of veterinary professionals.

For more information about the Premier Sponsors Program, contact Hannah Streetman-Cook, industry relations specialist, (301) 916-0200 x122,