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Donation Programs

Ensure the advancement of ACVS through financial support of research, educational and promotional programs which are focused on enhancing the quality and awareness of veterinary surgery. The ACVS Foundation has several methods of giving that may be of interest to you. Your contributions are always appreciated, and we believe, as we hope you do, that the ACVS Foundation is a worthy investment.  On behalf of the ACVS Foundation Board of Trustees, we thank you for your support!

The ACVS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made online by credit card or by downloading the ACVS Foundation contribution form.

For more information about any of these programs, contact the ACVS Foundation at 301-916-0200 x110, foundation@acvs.org.

Planned Giving

A planned gift to the ACVS Foundation can provide the resources to continue to create extraordinary advances in veterinary surgery and animal health care. There is a variety of philanthropic strategies that you can consider such as leaving a portion of your estate to the ACVS Foundation or naming the ACVS Foundation as a beneficiary of charitable gifts or a life insurance policy. Planned gifts help secure the ACVS Foundation’s future support of education and research.

To learn more about planned giving, please review A Guide to Giving or contact the ACVS Foundation at 301-916-0200, ext. 110.

Honor a Mentor Program

Undoubtedly, there is an ACVS Diplomate who has been influential in your life. This feeling is likely shared by others within the ACVS. In appreciation of this special relationship, the ACVS Foundation is pleased to offer you the opportunity to say “thank you” to the person who has helped pave the way for your success today.

Learn more about the Honor a Mentor Program

Honor a Past ACVS President

Show your appreciation to a past ACVS President who mentored or guided your career. Donating to the Past Presidents’ Conference Room pays tribute to those persons who have helped continue ACVS’s commitment as the recognized leader in veterinary surgery.

View a list of ACVS Past Presidents.

Pet and Equine Memorial Program

The loss of a beloved pet can be one of life’s difficult experiences for a family. A memorial card from the ACVS Foundation can show them just how much you understand and empathize with their loss.

You can let your clients know that they put their animal in both skilled and caring hands. The Pet and Equine Memorial Programs allow you or your practice to enhance relationships with clients and referring veterinarians and support the ACVS mission to advance surgical care for all animals.

Submit your Pet and Equine Memorial donation

View the list of active Pet and Equine Memorial Programs Participants

Fundraising Event at the ACVS Surgery Summit

The Foundation’s largest fundraising event, Celebration of Surgical Success, takes place annually in conjunction with the ACVS Surgery Summit.  This event includes a silent auction and a raffle. All proceeds support the ACVS Foundation’s valuable work to improve the healthcare of animals and the research and educational mission of the ACVS.

Recurring Donations

Help improve the surgical healthcare of all animals by establishing a convenient, automatic, monthly donation to the ACVS Foundation. Recurring donations are tax deductible and benefit the Foundation by providing a reliable source of support to fund leading-edge research and education. Make a recurring donation online designated specifically for research and education support or to support the Foundation's greatest need.  You can also download the recurring donation form and email, fax, or mail it to the ACVS Foundation, and we will take care of the rest!

Create an Educational or Surgical Endowment

Providing the best in veterinary surgery education remains a mission of ACVS and the ACVS Foundation. What was once perceived as impossible in the surgical care of animals has now become a reality, in large part because of the education and training of ACVS Diplomates. Consider creating an educational endowment to ensure that ACVS can continue to provide the best education in veterinary surgery and allied medicine. Additionally, endowments can be established for veterinary surgical research or ACVS Surgery Summit educational programing (seminars, laboratories, and continuing education speakers).  For more information about creating an endowment, contact the ACVS Foundation at 301-916-0200 x110, foundation@acvs.org.

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