About ACVS

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) sets the standards for advanced professionalism in veterinary surgery.

ACVS currently includes 2,438 Diplomates. Approximately 70 veterinarians earn their Diplomate credentials every year.

Diplomate Demographics

Following the February 2023 examination, there are approximately 2,438 board-certified veterinary surgeons.

Current employment distribution of ACVS Diplomates
Academic Institution: 23.05%
Armed Forces: 0.37%
Corporate: 1.56%
Private Practice: 32.49%
Private Referral-Only Practice 33.63%
Retired: 3.86%
Other/Unknown: 5.05%
Current practice emphasis of ACVS Diplomates
Note: Practice emphasis percentages are reflective of the number of members reporting practice in a particular species. ACVS Diplomates may indicate practice in more than one species and are counted separately in the percentages below for each species selected.
Equine General & Orthopedic: 17.02%
Equine General: 2.99%
Equine Orthopedic: 1.97%
Farm Animal General & Orthopedic: 1.52%
Farm Animal General: 0.45%
Farm Animal Orthopedic: 0.21%
Large Animal General & Orthopedic: 6.48%
Large Animal General: 1.11%
Large Animal Orthopedic: 0.57%
Small Animal General & Orthopedic: 45.12%
Small Animal General: 7.38%
Small Animal Orthopedic: 6.28%
Other/Unknown: 16.41%