Educational Partners

ACVS Educational Partner Program

The ACVS Educational Partner Programs provides an opportunity, for non-commercial providers of educational programs or other continuing education, to collaborate with ACVS to deliver high quality education to ACVS Diplomates and surgery residents.

Educational Partners meet the following criteria:

  1. The organization must have as its primary mission the provision of high-quality education that is beneficial to surgery residents and Diplomates.
  2. The organization must be an AABVS RACE approved provider of continuing education.
  3. The organization must be non-commercial. Entities marketing products for sale are not eligible for Educational Partnerships.

Educational program providers interested in developing an Educational Partnership with ACVS submit a written request to the ACVS Board of Regents.

For more information, contact Shana Rosenblatt, ACVS Program Coordinator, (301) 916-0200 x110,

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Courses offered by ACVS Educational Partners


AO VET North America Preceptorship Program for ACVS Residents

The preceptorship program offers the opportunity for ACVS residents, who are also AO VET members, interested in veterinary trauma and veterinary orthopedics, to visit a surgical center to receive additional training in AO techniques. ACVS residents will receive a stipend for housing and travel. You will work with an AO VET North America faculty member (ACVS Diplomates) for a maximum of four weeks to familiarize yourself with indications, planning, techniques, and pitfalls of osteosynthesis.


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Preceptorship Program Information Flyer