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Residency Standards and Requirements

Surgery residents must complete the requirements as outlined in the ACVS Residency Training Standards and Requirements in effect at the start of their residency.  Residency Forms must be submitted to ACVS at the start of training, for changes in Program Director or Resident Advisor, and upon transfer to a new program.

2022-2023 Residency Training Standards and Requirements

Residency Training Standards and Requirements (July 2022-June 2023)

Summary of changes in the 2022 – 2023 Residency Training Standards and Requirements

  • Requests for additions to the Approved Journals List will now be reviewed twice a year by the Resident Credentialing Committee. Petitions must be submitted by the February 1 and August 1 deadlines.

ACVS launched CERT, a new certification management system in December 2022. The requirements included in this document are final, although there may be changes in how requirements are logged. For assistance using the new system to track requirements, visit the CERT help page.

Prior Years' Residency Training Standards and Requirements

For a summary of changes by year, see the Prior Years' Standards and Guidelines page.