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Residency Forms

A majority of residency training programs accept applications for a residency position through the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program which is run by the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians. For programs not listed in the match, potential residents must contact the Program Director of a registered residency training program directly to inquire about available positions.

Use the links below to access fillable PDF files. These files are compatible with Adobe Reader 8.0 and later. All forms must be typed. Forms may be digitally signed. If forms are signed by hand, include date of signature.

Please send forms to the ACVS office via email at certification@acvs.org.

At the start of the residency


Submit Program Director's Statement (to be completed by the Program Director)

Within 30 days of the residency start date

Submit Registration of Resident Advisor (to be completed by the Resident Advisor)

Within the first calendar quarter of the residency start date or within 15 days of a change in Resident Advisor

Submit Statement of Compliance (to be completed by the resident)

Within 30 days of the residency start date

Submit Matriculation fee (pay online or submit form)
-$650 per resident for residents starting in 2022

Within 30 days of the residency start date

During the residency


Complete the External Surgical Rotation Form (to be completed by the resident)

As of December 2022, ACVS is retiring this form and all new external rotations should be recorded in the new online system. External supervisors will receive an email to verify the activity.

Submit the Change in Program Director (to be completed by the incoming and outgoing Program Directors)

The form should be sent in advance when a change in known, or within 15 days of an unanticipated change.

Submit Transfer fee - $50 (pay online or submit form)

Applies to residents transferring to a different training program. The fee must be received at the ACVS office within 30 days of the resident's start date at the new location.

Requesting Copies of Residency Documents

Missing documentation that you need to complete the Credentials Application? Request copies of forms filed with the ACVS office during your residency by submitting the Residency Documentation Order Form.
Note: As of 2020 the standard residency registration forms (Program Director's Statement, Registration of Resident Advisor, Statement of Compliance) are no longer required for credentials applications.