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Residency Program Guidelines and Documentation

ACVS Residency Program Guidelines 2013-2014 - All residents beginning programs between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 must follow these requirements.

Due to significant changes in the guidelines for this year, 2013 versions of these forms must  be submitted. Send paperwork to the ACVS office via email (residency@acvs.org), fax (301-916-2287) or mail (ACVS, 19785 Crystal Rock Drive Suite 305, Germantown, MD 20874). Use the links below to access fillable PDF files for Forms 1a, 1b and 1c.

  • Program Director's Statement - Form 1a - must be sent to ACVS within 30 days of the start of the residency program or change in Program Director for an existing resident; completed by Program Director.
  • Registration of Resident Advisor - Form 1b - must be sent to ACVS within one calendar quarter of the start of the residency program or change in Resident Advisor for an existing resident; completed by Resident Advisor.
  • Statement of Compliance - Form 1c - must be sent to ACVS within 30 days of the start of the resident program; completed by resident.
  • External Surgical Rotation Form - must be included in Credentials Application packets at the end of the residency program; to be completed by the resident and signed by appropriate surgery supervisor and Resident Advisor. Required for all residents whose program started on or after July 1, 2011. All other residents are encouraged to submit this form as well.

Summary of changes to the Guidelines in 2013:

  • Minimum requirements for weeks changed - 110 supervised surgery rotations, 18 weeks research/manuscript, specialty service (see below), 20 weeks* for CE, vacation, additional surgical rotations, graduate work, etc.
  • Specialty service training changes:  
    • Anesthesia must be completed as week blocks (2 weeks required)
    • Diagnostic Imaging replaces Radiology and may be completed as hours or weeks (2 weeks or 80 hours required)
    • Internal Medicine/Critical Care must be completed as weeks (3 weeks for small animal, 2 weeks for large animal). Internal Medicine subspecialties are allowed.
    • Pathology training may occur as weeks or hours (1 week or 40 hours required)
    • Large animal residents have one additional week in diagnostic Imaging, anesthesia, internal medicine, emergency/critical care or sports medicine 
    • *Residents who complete specialty service rotations as hours rather than weeks will have 23 or 24 optional weeks to record in the Activity log. 
  • Credentials application must be submitted within 5 years of end of residency program.
  • Primary Surgeon role defined.
  • Semi-Annual Reviews - training must be denied at time of review for current evaluation period only. Designation of resident's status at time of review is final.
  • Residents must update log for each evaluation period.  Residents wishing to add old items to their logs must provide additional documentation.

Matriculation/Transfer Fee Payment:

Matriculation Fee: $350 per resident. The fee must be received at the ACVS office within 30 days of the resident’s program start date.

Transfer Fee: $50 (applies to residents switching program locations whose original programs started July 1, 2010 or later). The fee must be received at the ACVS office within 30 days of the resident's start date at the new program.

Past Residency Program Guidelines

For information on residency guidelines from previous years, see the Past Residency Program Guidelines page.