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Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification is designed to foster continued development and recognition of Diplomate qualifications and protect the public by ensuring all Diplomates meet their professional responsibility to remain uniquely competent in their expertise as veterinary specialists in small and/or large animal surgery.

Diplomates certified by ACVS in 2016 or later are subject to time-limited certification and must undergo mandatory maintenance of certification (MOC). MOC is an optional process for Diplomates certified in 2015 and earlier. To maintain ACVS certification, Diplomates must complete professional development activities in accordance with the ACVS Diplomate Maintenance of Certification Policies and Procedures. Diplomates must record their activities using the ACVS online system. The deadline to submit a completed MOC record to ACVS is November 1 in the year the Diplomate’s current certificate expires.


ACVS Diplomate Maintenance of Certification Policies and Procedures: This document outlines the requirements for maintaining your certification and submitting proof of your maintenance activities to ACVS. Changes to these policies and procedures are effective for all Diplomates subject to maintenance of certification unless otherwise specified.

  • Diplomates must achieve a total of 100 activity points.

  • A minimum of 70 activity points must be within the Diplomate’s respective specialty of certification (small animal surgery or large animal surgery).

ACVS Diplomate Maintenance of Certification Approved Activities List: details acceptable activities and the maximum number of points Diplomates may receive for completion of each activity. This list is updated annually should additional activities become approved for MOC.

  • Activities must be on the MOC Approved Activities List or have received approval for individual Diplomate use from the Maintenance of Certification Committee.

Documenting Activities

Record maintenance of activities online in CERT - the new system for tracking certification requirements at cert.acvs.org. Log in using your ACVS website username and password.

Proof of each activity will need to be uploaded. Refer to the online instructions or the MOC Approved Activities List for a description of the required information. Diplomates are encouraged to record activities throughout their certification period.

Submission Deadline

All activities must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm (EST), November 1 in the year that the Diplomate’s current certificate expires. There is no submission fee.

Failure to submit an MOC record by the deadline or failure to satisfy the required number of activity points results in loss of certification at the time of certificate expiration.

Reinstatement of Certification

Individuals whose certification has expired and who wish to reactivate must follow the reinstatement procedures detailed in the ACVS Diplomate Maintenance of Certification Policies and Procedures.


Questions regarding MOC requirements can be directed to Sarah Donnelly, programs manager, at MOC@acvs.org or (301) 916-0200 x120.