Maintenance of Certification Record FAQ

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How do I access my online maintenance of certification (MOC) record?

Use your existing ACVS website username and password to access your online MOC record in CERT at Only Diplomates required to undergo MOC will have online records. If you are not yet certified or are not participating in MOC you do not have an online record.

What is the difference between the Logged vs. ACVS recorded activity status?

“Logged” indicates the Diplomate has added the activity information. The “Logged” status is equal to the status of “Recorded” in the former MOC record system. It means the required activity information is complete.

“ACVS recorded” indicates ACVS certification staff have added the activity on the Diplomate’s behalf. If a Diplomate completes ACVS-provided education activities (e.g., ACVS Surgery Summit, ACVS webinars, ACVS laboratories, etc.), ACVS certification staff will add the activity to the Diplomate’s MOC record. In the former MOC record system, these activities were marked as “Accepted” in the CERT system. The marking serves the same purpose: alerting the auditor that ACVS has verified the Diplomate’s participation.

My imported activities in CERT do not show the completion documents I uploaded in the old system. Do I need to do something?

Diplomates do not need to re-upload completion documents. ACVS has all MOC proof documents submitted in the former MOC record system on file. If your MOC record is selected for audit after the November 1 submission deadline, the files will be available to the assigned reviewers.

I have achieved all my needed maintenance activity points. Can I submit my MOC record early?

ACVS does not use a rolling audit process and does not accept early submissions. ACVS will open the submission window on June 1 for the specific year group that has MOC records due. Your due date is shown in your MOC record header and the My Certification section in CERT.

If I submit my MOC record in June, will I know the outcome right away?

ACVS does not use a rolling audit process. After the November 1 submission deadline, a subset of the submitted MOC records is selected for audit; all Diplomates are notified of the outcome of their maintenance submissions at the same time in December. Information about the MOC audit process is described on page 3 of the ACVS Diplomate Maintenance of Certification Policies and Procedures.


I have achieved all my needed points and my record is not due for another year or more. Do I need to keep adding my activities?

You do not need to continue adding activities to your record if you have already recorded, met, and/or exceeded your minimum MOC point requirements. Some Diplomates choose to record a few additional activities to have a buffer in case their record is selected for audit and reviewers find an activity that does not meet ACVS criteria for maintenance activities.

Can I record an activity that I completed before I was certified by ACVS if it happened in the same year?

No. Maintenance activities must be completed within the Diplomate’s maintenance period (i.e., activities completed after your certification cycle starts and before your November 1 MOC record submission deadline).

Will my extra activity points carry over to my next maintenance period?

No. Activity points do not carry over to subsequent maintenance periods. The maintenance period ends at the November 1 submission deadline. Activities completed after the November 1 deadline are counted toward your subsequent maintenance period.

If I re-review a manuscript for a journal, does it count as an additional MOC activity?

No. A re-review of the same manuscript is not considered a new activity. Reviewer activity points are per unique manuscript.