Outstanding Surgery Residents’ Awards

The ACVS Foundation presents awards for outstanding surgery resident presentations, posters, and publications annually at the ACVS Surgery Summit. This recognition encourages the continued development of clinically important research, particularly that conducted by surgery residents-in-training.

  • Two presentations (one clinical, one research) are selected from those given in the Residents’ Forum at the College’s annual Surgery Summit. Residents may submit only one abstract for presentation at the Residents’ Forum.
  • Two posters are selected from those presented by residents at the Surgery Summit. Residents wishing consideration must follow the guidelines in the Call for Papers and submit the abstract by the annual deadline of June 1.
  • Three manuscript publications are selected from those published in Veterinary Surgery. Manuscripts (in the category of clinical or research) are evaluated using the criteria shown on the publication evaluation form.


  • Presentations, publications, and posters must represent the original work of the resident.
  • The resident must be the primary researcher, although the studies may have been under the direction of an ACVS Diplomate or other senior investigator.
  • Studies may be prospective or retrospective clinical studies or controlled laboratory research.
  • Literature review papers that do not include original work are not eligible.
  • Authors must request that manuscripts be considered for a publication award when submitting the manuscripts to Veterinary Surgery.
  • Members of the judging committee shall not have been a co-worker or involved in the development of the presentation.