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  1. Mammary Tumors

    ... wound. Limited and restricted activity is indicated for about 2 weeks to allow recovery and incision healing. Bandage care may ...

  2. Limb Amputation

    ... with hemipelvectomy) Clients often worry about phantom pain. Pain at an amputation site is not common. The ...

  3. Extrahepatic Biliary Tract Obstruction

    ... Surgical biliary intervention in cats with EHBO has about a 50% mortality rate overall and almost a 100% mortality when cancer is ...

  4. Chylothorax

    ... surgery for the treatment of chylothorax, you should inquire about referral to an ACVS board-certified veterinary surgeon. The most ...

  5. Bone Tumors in Cats and Dogs

    ... alone. Chemotherapy is usually started at suture removal (about 10 to 14 days after surgery). A number of different chemotherapy ...

  6. Fractured Limbs

    ... the safety of the bandage/splint. If you are concerned about the security or integrity of the bandage, please return to your ...

  7. Laser Surgery in Horses

    ... location of the lesion treated. If you have any questions about laser surgery, you should contact an ACVS board-certified veterinary ...