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  1. Pyometra

    ... from an ascending infection from the vagina, a concurrent urinary tract infection, or fecal contamination. Most dogs and cats ...

  2. Castration

    ... testicular torsion perineal hernia underlying urinary tract disease (urethral calculi) prostatic diseases perianal ...

  3. Intervertebral Disc Disease

    ... dogs that reach this point will also lose control of their urinary bladder and are at risk for chronic urinary tract infections and urine scald. Additionally, without motor function, ...

  4. Fractured Limbs

    ... result in hemorrhage (bleeding) and rupture organs (such as urinary bladder). Thoracic trauma can result in pulmonary contusions (bruising ...

  5. Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia or Portal Atresia

    ... should also not be bred. In addition, in rare cases, urinary calculi (bladder stones) can occur. These may need to be surgically or ...

  6. 2016 Exhibitors

    ... KRUUSE Sutures, BUSTER Premium Collars, Rehab Protectors, Urinary Catheters, Advanced wound products, Equivet range and much more…. ... System an artificial urethral sphincter for the relief of urinary incontinence, PleuralPort for drainage of pleural effusions and ...