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Program Registration Application

ACVS is accepting registration applications for the 2019-2020 residency year.  The submission deadline is August 20, 2018, 11:59pm Eastern time.  Late applications are not accepted.  There is no application fee.

  • All prospective residency training programs and inactive programs must apply for registration in order to begin training residents between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.
  • Registered programs must apply each year for renewal of registration while active residents are training and in order to train new residents for the subsequent residency year.  (Only programs with a valid registration period of July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 will be able to accept residents and/or continue to train existing residents during the July 2019-June 2020 residency year.)
  • Suspended programs must apply for reinstatement once the deficiencies have been addressed.

All programs must follow the policies and procedures detailed in the Residency Training Standards and Requirements (July 2019-June 2020).

Summary of changes in 2019

  • Availability of ACVIM (Internal Medicine) specialist more fully defined.
  • Availability of additional allied specialists more fully defined for large animal and small animal programs.
  • Deadline for programs to meet revised allied specialty Diplomate requirements clarified.
  • Supervision of educational events to include Diplomates of other AVMA-recognized veterinary specialties.
  • Large Animal Curricula: Angular Limb Deformities has been removed as a category.
  • Small Animal Curricula:.Interventional Radiology and Endoscopy cases to be recorded separately from other MIS caases
  • Semi-Annual Review requirements for Phase I examination eligibility have been further clarified.

If you have questions about the application or the registration process, please review the Program Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Programs will be notified of the outcome of their application by December 1. View the list of current Registered Residency Training Programs

This list is updated annually on December 1 and as needed throughout the year.

Application Access

Current Program Directors may access the online registration application at www.acvs.org/apply. Log in using your ACVS website username and password. 

New Program Directors must contact the Residency Program Administrator, Sarah Donnelly, at residency@acvs.org in order to obtain appropriate access to the online application.

Separate applications must be submitted for small animal, large animal-equine, and large animal-general programs.  However: if the same ACVS Diplomate serves as Program Director for large animal-general and large animal-equine residencies, only one large animal application is required.

Institutions/practices applying as collaborative residency training programs will submit one application detailing required information for each of the collaborating sites.

Signatures and Submission Process

Applications must be signed by the Program Director, all Supervising and Supporting ACVS Diplomates participating in the program, and the department chair (or someone in an equivalent administrative rank, such as practice owner) for each site.

Program Directors are responsible for providing accurate email addresses for all required signatories in the application. 

Signatories will be notified by email and provided a link to access, review, and sign the application.  Program Directors are responsible for allowing sufficient time to collect all required signatures prior to submitting the completed application to ACVS before 11:59pm Eastern time, August 20, 2018. Applications with missing signatures are not accepted.  Late applications are not accepted.

Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP)

Programs that use the matching program must provide in their program descriptions information about their current registration status with ACVS. Programs will be notified by ACVS of the outcome of their registration application by December 1 and should amend their VIRMP listings accordingly. More information on the matching program can be found at www.virmp.org.

Questions about residency training program registration can be directed to Sarah Donnelly, Residency Program Administrator, at sdonnelly@acvs.org or 301-916-0200 x120.

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