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2021 Credentials Application Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process and deadlines for submitting credentials applications has changed for 2021.

The 2021 ACVS Credentials Application Guidelines and supplementary material are available for all current and former residents wishing to submit a credentials application.

Credentials applications must be submitted on or before August 1. Any resident who has not completed all requirements must include a letter signed by the resident and Program Director noting the deficiencies and explaining the plan to fulfill these requirements by September 1. All relevant fields will be required prior to resubmitting for the September 1 deadline. Providing all information/materials, if possible, for the initial August 1 submission review will help to facilitate more timely re-review following the September 1 deadline. Residents may continue to complete requirements and add training to the online log during the month of August. The letter of acceptance for publication must also be received by September 1, 2021. 

Upon review of the initial credentials application submission, if there are requirements which had not been met prior to August 1 (including payment of the credentials application fee), the application will be returned to the applicant to provide the remaining items with a deadline of September 1. The revised application and credentials application fee must be submitted on or before September 1.

Review the Instructions for Finalizing Resident Training Log to ensure all requirements are complete.

Missing documentation that you need to complete the credentials application? Request copies of forms filed with the ACVS office during your residency with the following order form:

  • Residency Documentation Order Form - Note: Copies of standard residency registration documents (Program Director's Statement, Registration of Resident Advisor, Statement of Compliance) are no longer required for credentials applications.

Please contact Jeff Melia, Resident Training and Technology Manager, at ext. 102 or jmelia@acvs.org if you have any questions.