Strategic plan update

ACVS begins the year with a request to Diplomates and residents: Share your opinions.

ACVS will field a number of surveys in 2024. Survey findings will provide a path forward for how the College continues to achieve its mission, accomplish the goals set by Diplomates in the current strategic plan, and deliver what Diplomates and residents most need and want.

  • In the early part of 2024, ACVS will conduct a follow-up to the continuing education (CE) needs assessment completed in 2023. It will gather the CE content and topics that are important to Diplomates and residents—both surgical and non-surgical.
  • A comprehensive member needs assessment to Diplomates will follow close behind. From responses, ACVS will continue to build member benefits to fit your needs.
  • Later in the year, residents will be tapped for a similar needs assessment to support their experience with the College and enhancement of ACVS training and certification programs and processes.
  • A career survey will gather Diplomates’ insights into salary and benefits requirements and practice-setting preferences.
  • Diplomates involved in residency training will be surveyed on several certification-related strategic goals and key initiatives.
  • An ACVS job analysis study is slated for late summer 2024. It will serve as the basis for determining the content for the ACVS certification process and ensure that the certification examination content is an accurate representation of current knowledge and practice.

Other short survey requests will occur throughout the year. Your voice matters. By responding to all surveys received, you can help ACVS grow as an organization to better serve you.