Opportunity for founding fellow status in joint replacement surgery

October 27, 2022

Applications to attain the status of ACVS Founding Fellow, Joint Replacement Surgery through an extension of consideration for founding fellow status will be accepted December 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023.


Acceptance of founding fellows is the first step towards the establishment of fellowship training programs. In order to maximize inclusiveness and availability of fellowship training programs, the Joint Replacement Surgery (JRS) Fellowship Program offers an extension of consideration for founding fellow status for ACVS Diplomates with national and/or international recognition within the discipline at the time of the original call for founding fellows who did not apply by the deadline of March 31, 2021. Also eligible are Diplomates who applied for founding fellow status, fulfilled some of the founding fellow requirements, but lacked one or more of the stated explicit requirements and therefore were not accepted as founding fellows.

Eligibility criteria

Diplomates demonstrating leadership in JRS who did not apply for founding fellow status because they did not meet the scholarly activity requirements or who applied but did not meet the criteria for founding fellow status must apply for an extension of consideration by May 31, 2023.

Evaluation process

Applicants’ credentials will first be evaluated by the JRS Fellowship Oversight Committee to ensure that recognition and leadership in the discipline were established by March 31, 2021, which was the deadline of the original call for founding fellow applications. If found eligible for an extension of consideration, the candidate must submit credentials to be re-evaluated within three years of the extension. If the previously unmet requirements have been completed, the status of founding fellow will be recommended to the Fellowship Committee, who will review the recommendation and forward to the ACVS Board of Regents for final approval.


The information packet for the extension of consideration for JRS founding fellow status includes the complete list of requirements and the list of documents required for the application package. Submit the complete application package in a single email to ACVS, addressed to Tracey Delaney, programs coordinator, tdelaney@acvs.org.