ACVS develops collaborative relationship tool to support optimal health care outcomes

With rapid advancements in veterinary care continuing, the role of referrals for surgery and specialized medicine is on the rise.

Primary care veterinarians (PCV) may often find themselves in a situation where the best care for their patients involves referral to an ACVS Diplomate for advanced care, including consultations and surgical procedures.

When a PCV refers a patient to an ACVS Diplomate, it is crucial that the PCV has the confidence that their patient and animal owner will receive the best care possible. The PCV, animal owner, and ACVS Diplomate must all work in concert to achieve the best health care outcomes for the veterinary patient. Achieving the best outcomes requires clear communication, mutual respect, and empathy among all parties.

ACVS is pleased to share the ACVS Collaborative Relationship Communication Tool, which outlines simple steps for veterinary surgeons and PCVs to take to achieve these goals.

The ACVS Advisory Council of Diplomates and Primary Care Veterinarians developed the tool. It is a first step in ACVS’s efforts to help Diplomates enhance their relationships with primary care veterinarians and animal owners.