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Mailing Labels and List Rentals

ACVS provides the opportunity to purchase mailing labels and electronic list rentals of mailing addresses. Email addresses are not available. Below are the approximate quantities for each available set of contacts. Quantities are subject to change at any time.

Mailing Labels - Counts (As of August 2020) Estimated Quantity
All ACVS Diplomates  Approx. 1910
All Large Animals ACVS Diplomates Approx. 640
All Small Animal ACVS Diplomates  Approx. 1270
Credentialed Candidates  95
Recently Board Certified Diplomates (2018-2020)  Approx. 165
2020 Board Certified Diplomates  Approx. 70
ACVS Residency Program Directors Approx. 95
Third Year Large Animal Residents  Approx. 31
Third Year Small Animal Residents  Approx. 70

For information on order requirements or to place an order, please visit the mailing labels and electronic mailing list rentals pages.