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Robert B. Olds


If I have been a good “coach” over the past several decades, it is only because I have had gifted, generous and patient mentors and I have had truly exceptional players. They will continue on their mission of helping our furry friends, the people who love them, and reflecting the humanity that we are called upon to serve. Because of ACVS mentors (Salisbury, Lantz, Toombs, Breur, Bauer), friends (Flynn, Tobias) and advisors (Bellah, Cornell), I have been fortunate to live a life that has exceeded my expectations and is far beyond what I deserve. I am deeply humbled and immensely grateful.

- Robert B. Olds, DVM, BS, DACVS

Besides my father, the most influential person in my career has been Dr. Bob Olds. Not only did he teach me surgical techniques and patient care, he also set an example on how to interact with staff, clients, and referring veterinarians. He led by example and I still reach out to him for advice which, time and time again, has proven invaluable. I hope that my contribution to others reflects, in some way, what I have learned from Bob.

- Robert I. Sikes, DVM, DACVS

Passing the ACVS Examination in 1975 was one of his happiest days as a veterinary surgeon. In light of the appreciation he has for all those who helped him on his journey to pursue his career goals, he is grateful for the opportunity to help train interns and residents at the Animal Medical and to act as an adviser to residents training at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Pomona. He takes great satisfaction in seeing young people also achieve their goals of becoming board-certified in surgery.


  • Robert I. Sikes, DVM, DACVS

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