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Honored Mentor

Peter Muir


Peter provided me mentorship in veterinary orthopedic research and publication prior to my residency. He gave me an opportunity and I wouldn't be a Diplomate of the ACVS without his support. I pass along help with research and publication to interns and residents with the hope of impacting their careers the same as Peter impacted mine.

- Eric C. Hans, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

Peter really cared deeply about his residents and taught us all how to think through problems in a methodical way.

- Julia Sumner, DACVS (Small Animal)

It has been a privilege to work with many outstanding young clinicians and scientists throughout my career. Following the professional growth of my mentees over time has been a very rewarding experience. I am proud of their accomplishments and very grateful for this honor.

- Peter Muir, BVSc, PhD, DACVS


  • Lauren Baker, Jason Bleedorn
  • Emily Elizabeth Binversie, DVM, MS
  • Eric C. Hans, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Callum W. Hay, BVMS, DACVS
  • Sarah Malek, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Past and Present Laboratory Team Members,
  • Susannah J. Sample, MS, DVM, PhD, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Julia Sumner, DACVS (Small Animal), DACVS (Small Animal)

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