ACVS Foundation
Honored Mentor

Janet Kovak McClaran

DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

JJ was a wonderful mentor and leader throughout my residency. She was always there for us, helped create a lasting legacy through her contributions to teaching and mentoring at the Animal Medical Center.

- Pierre-Yves Mulon, DMV, DACVS (Large Animal)

It is a tremendous honor to be recognized as a mentor. I am touched and grateful to be acknowledged. Also thrilled that the contributions will help support the ACVS foundation.

- Janet Kovak McClaran, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)


  • Courtney L. Ikuta, DVM
  • Andrew Levien,
  • Jefferson S. Nunley, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Philippa Rebecca Pavia,
  • Matthew E. Raske, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Suzanne Skerrett,
  • Daniel Spector, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Kim Tong, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

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