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Honored Mentor

Guy St. Jean


Guy St. Jean was a dedicated mentor and life-long friend. He instilled in me to look at the opportunity not the obstacles, to approach every case as a chance to learn, and to be generous with time and service. Always with a sense of humor, I learned from Guy what it means to appreciate each other for what they do – no matter what they are doing. Life lessons I have applied throughout my career.

- David E. Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Guy showed me how to appreciate the opportunities in academia. He was always looking on the bright side. He established a challenging but respectful teaching environment with a hint of humor. This is what I am doing now, much to the pleasure of my students. Merci Guy!

- André Desrochers, DMV, MS, DACVS


  • David E. Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • André Desrochers, DMV, MS, DACVS
  • Bruce L. Hull, DVM, DACVS

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