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Gary W. Ellison


I have to say the high point of my professional career was to be nominated by a large number of my former residents as an ACVS honored mentor. Like most new residents I was like a deer in the headlight when I started out. I was so fortunate to have superb guidance as a young trainee. My mentors taught me to strive for excellence in preparedness and case care but to stay humble, never take never yourself too seriously and to use humor to break the tension on difficult days. Hopefully I passed these values on to those I helped train.

Being a mentor to aspiring young surgeons has unquestionably been the high point of my career and I am honored. I have been fortunate to work under outstanding ACVS mentors. They strove for excellence. They knew when to encourage and when to be critical. They were invested in me, cared about me and helped me with career choices. Hopefully I’ve been of similar help to those I have helped train.

- Gary W. Ellison, DVM, MS, DACVS

Gary Ellison is an organic teacher, allowing residents to learn with a long tether, but accessible support. An impossibly delicate surgeon, he has imprinted on his cadets the importance of gentle tissue handling; that microsurgery can be performed through size 8 gloves; that wisdom and inspiration can equally come from your junior peers; and most importantly, that elective surgeries must never be scheduled for date-night. With much love.

- Anonymous

Dr. Ellison is a native of Chicago and earned his DVM from the University of Illinois. He is an Emeritus Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Florida, and his areas of interest include general and gastrointestinal surgery, urogenital surgery, wound care surgery and minimally invasive procedures. He currently does University Locums and part time consulting work in “semi-retirement.” In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, visiting family, bike riding, fishing and spending time with his dog. His family includes a wife and 5 children.


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