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F.A. Tony Mann


Dr. Mann taught me how to be an excellent clinician scientist. He expected that you had a full understanding of the case (literature, procedure, potential complications, and postoperative care). I continue to go through my mental surgical checklist even to this day.

- Mirae Wood, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

The road to become a surgeon is long and full of hurdles on the way. Thank you for being a mentor and teaching me the principles and qualities to become a surgeon on challenging and not challenging cases. I appreciate your efforts, dedication, and commitment to help and guide surgeons in our profession and shape many surgeons. Your contribution is invaluable.

- Zeev Schwartz, DVM, MS, DACVS (Small Animal)

Training residents is one of the most gratifying aspects of my career. However, sometimes I question who is training who, because I often feel that I have learned much more from my trainees than they have learned from me. My success as a mentor has as much to do with the talents and collegiality of the trainees under my wing as with my love of training them.

As the saying goes: “They make me look good.” I have been blessed to work with many wonderful people in residency, and I thank each and every one of my trainees for the opportunity to work with them. It is a high honor to be recognized by my residents for the job I enjoy.

- F.A. Tony Mann, DVM, MS, DACVS


  • Zeev Schwartz, DVM, MS, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Mirae Wood, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

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