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Honored Mentor

Cheryl S. Hedlund


Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without Dr. Hedlund’s mentorship and guidance. She taught me to be a skilled surgeon in the OR and to practice with purpose. Even more importantly though, she molded me into a great clinician and teacher to my students, interns, and now residents. I hope one day to become even half the mentor to my residents as she was to me. I am lucky to have learned from her and to call her a friend.

- Nina R. Kieves, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)

My mantra is “you get out of a program what you put into a program”. The joy of training residents is to see them acquire your knowledge and skills and then soar beyond what you know and can do. It is rewarding to see them achieve excellence in knowledge, patient care and client service. I believe getting involved in ACVS has the same rewards, and that by investing your time and talents in the College you encourage its advancement and its goal of assuring excellence in surgery.

- Cheryl S. Hedlund, DVM, MS, DACVS


  • Anthony E. Acquaviva, VMD, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Andrew F. Burton, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Jennifer L. Huck, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Sharon C. Kerwin, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • Nina R. Kieves, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Alexander Ingar Krebs, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)
  • Eric Michael Zellner, DVM

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