Charter Diplomates

These recognized leaders in veterinary surgery were invited by the organizing committee to become the first members of the ACVS.

Ora S. Adams*
Mark W. Allam*
John R. Annis*
James Archibald*
Chambers L. Blakely*
Wade O. Brinker*
Robert S. Brodey*
Hugh C. Butler*
Allan J. Cawley*
Edwin A. Churchill*
Donald H. Clifford*
D. D. Delahanty*
Edward R. Frank*
Albert A. Gabel*
Harry A. Gorman*
Willard F. Guard*
B. F. Hoerlein*
Jacques Jenny*

LeRoy E. Johnson*
E. Wynn Jones*
Gordon H. Keown*
Robert P. Knowles*
Robert L. Leighton*
Ellis P. Leonard*
William V. Lumb*
William G. Magrane*
Frank J. Milne*
Robert M. Nims*
Ghery D. Pettit*
Charles W. Raker*
Mark P. Rines
Richard L. Rudy*
Fred P. Sattler*
Alfred G. Schiller*
Kenneth W. Smith*
John D. Wheat*