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Charter Diplomates

These recognized leaders in veterinary surgery were invited by the organizing committee to become the first members of the ACVS.

Ora S. Adams (Deceased)
Mark W. Allam (Deceased)
John R. Annis (Deceased)
James Archibald (Deceased)
Chambers L. Blakely (Deceased)
Wade O. Brinker (Deceased)
Robert S. Brodey (Deceased)
Hugh C. Butler (Deceased)
Allan J. Cawley (Deceased)
Edwin A. Churchill (Deceased)
Donald H. Clifford (Deceased)
D. D. Delahanty (Deceased)
Edward R. Frank (Deceased)
Albert A. Gabel (Deceased)
Harry A. Gorman (Deceased)
Willard F. Guard (Deceased)
B. F. Hoerlein (Deceased)
Jacques Jenny (Deceased)
LeRoy E. Johnson (Deceased)
E. Wynn Jones (Deceased)
Gordon H. Keown (Deceased)
Robert P. Knowles (Deceased)
Robert L. Leighton (Deceased)
Ellis P. Leonard (Deceased)
William V. Lumb (Deceased)
William G. Magrane (Deceased)
Frank J. Milne (Deceased)
Robert M. Nims (Deceased)
Ghery D. Pettit (Deceased)
Charles W. Raker (Deceased)
Mark P. Rines
Richard L. Rudy (Deceased)
Fred P. Sattler
Alfred G. Schiller (Deceased)
Kenneth W. Smith (Deceased)
John D. Wheat (Deceased)