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CERT – Certification Record Tracker

Welcome to CERT, ACVS’s certification record tracker!
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Your introduction to CERT is through the launch of a new resident training log (RTL) experience in December 2022. CERT will also be the home of all certification record tracking, including examination registration, credentials application, program registration application, and maintenance of certification records. These components will launch in 2023.

Updates on current high-priority system issues:

  • RESOLVED 1/26: Specialty training weeks, hours, and cases logged under supervisors from the dropdown menu were not receiving emails to review training. This issue has been corrected as of 1/26. Residents need to edit entries in the "Awaiting Specialty Supervisor" status to manually add the appropriate supervisor's email address. An email requesting review will be sent to the supervisor immediately when the entry is re-saved.
  • RESOLVED 1/26: Program directors will receive email alerts when a new Semi-Annual Review is created by the resident advisor.
  • RESOLVED 1/26: The issue causing Semi-Annual Review date errors when updating or approving reviews has been corrected as of 1/26. Program directors or resident advisors should try to update/approve again as needed.
  • RESOLVED 1/20: Minimally invasive surgery cases which appeared to be missing or were misclassified have been corrected.
  • Pathology training: Pathology rotations logged as full specialty service activity weeks are currently not displaying on the specialty service page. Please do not re-log hours in addition to the corresponding activity week. 
  • Duplicate case alerts: Residents are receiving duplicate case alerts for newly entered cases. The log system is intended to check for duplicates within the resident's logs based on a combination of case number and date. Currently, this check is comparing cases for all residents in the system. If more than one resident logs a case, the alert will appear for the second resident. At this time if the current entry is not a duplicate case within the resident’s log, residents can simply ignore the warning and submit the case as usual.
  • Examination status: The information in the program director portal relating to resident examination eligibility is not accurate. The examination functionality of the new system is still being built, including updates to examination status and eligibility..
  • Semi-Annual Review emails: Resident advisors are receiving weekly email notifications that a Semi-Annual Review is due after review was already submitted.
  • Anesthesia and pathology cases: Specialty cases added from the activity week view are not appearing in the list of cases on the specialty services screen after being saved. Supervisors are receiving these emails. When clicking on an add case link from the Specialty Service page, only the checkbox options from the section selected display even if the case type is changed. While the issue is being worked on, please be sure to enter specialty cases from the Specialty Services page by clicking on the Add Case button from the specialty section (anesthesia or pathology) that you wish to log the case from. For cases that were logged from the activity week screen, the data does appear to be in the system and visible from the activity week view. For anesthesia cases logged via the pathology Add Case button and pathology cases logged via the Anesthesia Add Case button, the incorrect set of requirements checkboxes may have been applied to these entries and we will assess and advise as quickly as possible.
  • Awaiting External Supervisor activity weeks: If you have surgical or research/manuscript preparation activity weeks in the Awaiting External Verification status, please submit a help desk ticket with the activity week date and we will correct the issue as quickly as possible. The cause of this issue is being addressed soon.

The RTL combines legacy features and enhancements in response to user feedback. A summary of changes follows. A series of short videos are linked below to further assist users in learning the new system.

What has changed

Activity weeks:

  • Activity week dropdowns are now structured as dependent lists and will automatically adjust as rotation type, location, and supervisor are selected by the resident.
  • Residents can now log activities in combination with recording activity weeks. Cases, educational events, specialty training, and seminars are just a click away.
  • Resident advisors can now review a week and associated activities together.


  • Residents can categorize cases faster and more accurately. Procedure names and core curriculum categories will automatically adjust as the resident types.
  • All users can easily access and track a resident’s progress towards both total and directly supervised case requirements with the reimagined core curriculum summary page.
  • Cases cannot be bulk imported or exported from the new system.
  • CERT is responsive to allow case and other activity entry on mobile devices.

Specialty rotations:

  • Specialty rotations completed as weeks will be entered as activity weeks and do not need to be recorded as separate rotations, too. The weeks will show in both the Activity Weeks and Specialty Services areas to help residents keep track.
  • Specialty training completed as hours will be added only to the Specialty Services section.
  • Supervisors for specialty rotations will see training from all residents in one convenient landing page.

Log Review by Resident Advisor:

  • When viewing a resident's logs you will see a header alert for items pending review.
  • Resident advisors can now also review a week and associated activities together.

External rotations/cases:

  • Weeks and cases supervised by ACVS Diplomates not associated with the primary residency location(s) are now approved within CERT. Similar to specialty rotations, residents need only add the supervisor’s name, location, and email address.
  • External supervisors will have consolidated pages to review training from all residents.

Semi-annual reviews:

  • The system is not contingent on semi-annual reviews to push training to the committee review status.
  • Semi-annual reviews are still required for each six months of training.