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ACVS Video Competition for VetSpecialists.com Winners!

March 15, 2017

In December, ACVS launched a video competition for VetSpecialists.com to further promote and build awareness about specialty medicine amongst the animal owning public. Members of the ACVS Public Outreach Committee reviewed the videos submitted by Diplomates and residents and selected the winners. Thank you to everyone that participated and congratulations to the winners! VetSpecialists.com, a collaborative partnership between ACVS and ACVIM, is an effort to increase public knowledge and perception about board-certified specialists. 

First Place Winner
W. Alexander Fox-Alvarez, DVM (Resident), University of Florida

The surgery, performed by ACVS Diplomate Dr. Stanley Kim, corrected the angular limb deformity of Keebie, a 2-year old Cairn/Scottish Terrier. Dr. Kim used a technique called Single Oblique Osteotomy, adapted from human orthopedic surgery. View video. 

Second Place Winner
Kathryn Kaufman, DVM, DACVS-SA, BluePearl Veterinary Partners-Minnesota

Meesha, a rescued pit bull, had an 8-pound tumor removed from the left side of her head. View video.  

Third Place Winner
Laurie Goodrich, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVS, Colorado State University

Shine, a miniature horse, suffered a mangled hoof and infection from a vicious dog attack. Dr. Goodrich amputated his lower-left hind leg and worked with OrthoPets to design a prosthesis that allows Shine to walk nearly as well as an uninjured horse. View video.