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Veterinary Specialists Outreach & Awareness Project (VetSOAP)

Increasing Awareness of the Benefits of Referring to Specialists

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​ACVS has joined other specialty colleges, industry, practices, and individuals in supporting the Veterinary Specialists Outreach & Awareness Project (VetSOAP). VetSOAP is a nonprofit organization focused on creating a culture of collaboration between primary care veterinarians and veterinary specialists.

With a data-driven approach, VetSOAP has conducted qualitative and quantitative research and is embarking on its final quantitative research phase. The research addresses whether collaboration results in positive treatment outcomes for the patient, increases in revenue, and improved client retention for the primary care practice. Recognizing the benefits of referring to specialists is inherent in this study.

At the 2017 ACVS Surgery Summit, Julie D. Smith, DVM, DACVS, CCRT, MBA, and Judith Gass, MBA, Executive Director of VetSOAP, presented results from a quantitative study of primary care veterinarian referral behaviors and drivers and a data collection strategy to demonstrate the financial benefit of referral/collaborative care to primary care veterinarian practices. 

The ACVS Board of Regents encourages all ACVS Diplomates to learn more about VetSOAP, its drive to demonstrate how patients, primary care veterinarians, and specialty veterinarians all benefit from collaborative care, and what you as an individual or practice can do to help.