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Resident Awards

One AO Awards

The “One AO Awards” are presented by AOVET North America, an ACVS Educational Partner, annually at the ACVS Surgery Summit. The abstracts are chosen based on their cross-disciplinary orthopedic relevance and embodiment of the “One Medicine” spirit of AO North America. AO North America is a unique organization that brings together physicians and veterinary experts in the fields of trauma, craniomaxilliofacial, spinal, and veterinary orthopedic surgery.

2018 Recipients

Resident Speaker Exchange Program Awards

Each year, a winner from the best ACVS resident presentations at the Surgery Summit, both small animal and large animal presentations, (as determined by the ACVS Residents’ Forum judges) are invited to present at the ECVS meeting. Winners in the research and clinical categories will alternate each year. ACVS reimburses the winners for expenses to attend the ECVS meeting, up to a specific dollar limit. ECVS selects their residents at their July meeting. Those ECVS awardees present at the next ACVS Surgery Summit.

2018 Recipients

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