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ACVS Surgery Summit

Laboratories & Workshops

Seminars & Scientific Abstracts

JW Marriott Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN


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Updated March 14, subject to change.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


  Keynote Lectures   Rethinking Our Approach to Veterinary Education Presented by: James N. Moore, DVM, PhD
      Stuck in the Stone Age? What You Need to Do to Get Out! Presented by: Jody Lulich DVM, PhD
      The Role of Body Weight in Osteoarthritis Presented by: Todd Towell DVM, MS, DACVIM
  Residents' Forums   Large Animal Chair: Jennifer G. Barrett
      Small Animal Chair: Laura Selmic


Special Sessions


Anesthesia and Pain Management

Chairs: Brian J.Trumpatori & Sandra Perkowski




Business Management  

Chair: Timo Prange




Complementary Therapies

Chair: Henry S. Adair III

      Practitioners' Program: Upper Respiratory & Wounds Chair: Michael B. Mison
      Technicians' Program Chair: Danielle Browning

Friday, October 13, 2017


  Keynotes Lectures   Equine Orthopedics Presented by: Alan J. Nixon, BVSc, MS, DACVS
      Evolution of Tricuspid and Mitral Valve Surgery in Dogs Presented by: E. Christopher Orton, DVM, PhD, DACVS


Large Animal


Advancements in Gastrointestinal Surgery

Chair: Shannon K. Reed




Advancements in Respiratory Surgery

Chair: Jon Cheetham




Equine Laparoscopy

Chair: John Peroni




Imaging Assisted Surgery

Chair: Jarred M. Williams

      Large Animal Scientific Abstracts Chair: Kyla F. Ortved
      Round Table Discussion: Cutaneous Tumors  




Scientific Abstracts

Chair: TBD

      Surgery Site Infections Chair: Jarred M. Williams


Small Animal



Chair: Bryden J. Stanley




Minimally Invasive Surgery

Chair: Ameet Singh




Neurology and Neurosurgery

Chair: Ronaldo C. da Costa




Reconstruct Your Wounds

Chair: Jolle Kirpensteijn




Stifle Surgery

Chair: Stephen C. Jones




Thoracic Lameness

Chair: Dirsko Von Pfeil

      Thoracic Surgery Chair: Kelley Thieman Mankin
      Round Table Discussion: Radiology: CT and MRI Imaging   Chair: Allison Zwingenberger


Special Sessions


American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 
(Small Animal)

Chair: Julia Tomlinson




American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: Equine

Chair: José M. García-López

      ER/Critical Care  Chair: Page Yaxley
      Practitioners' Program: The Diagnostic Difference Chair: Thomas Gibson
      Practitioners' Program: Orthopedic Surgery Chair: Thomas Gibson
      Practitioners' Program: Surgical Tips & Tricks Chair: Cassie N. Lux
      Small Animal Scientific Abstracts Chair: Duane A. Robinson
      Surgical Team and Client Communication Chair: Jason Coe
      Technicians' Program Chair: Danielle Browning

Saturday, October 14, 2017



Large Animal


Juvenile Orthopedics

Chair: Samantha L. Morello




Orthopedics: Racehorse

Chair: Samantha L. Morello




Orthopedics: Sport Horse

Chair: Elizabeth Davidson




Orthopedics: Western Performance        

Chair: Kevin B. Wahl




Updates on Equine Head and Sinus

Chair: Jeremiah Easley




Urogenital Disorders

Chair: John C. Janicek

      Round Table Discussion: Gastrointestinal Surgery                Chair: Shannon K. Reed
      Round Table Discussion: My Worst Postoperative Infections                Chair: Jarred M. Williams
      Round Table Discussion: Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Regulations Chair: John Peroni
      Round Table Discussion: Respiratory: The Great Debate          Chair: Jon Cheetham


Small Animal


Angular Limb Deformity: Assessment and Management

Chair: Jason Bleedorn




Fracture Repair

Chair: Nina Kieves




Forelimb: The Shoulder in Action

Chair: Kei Hayashi




Gastrointestinal Surgery               

Chair: Laura L. Nelson




Surgical Oncology

Chairs: Laura Selmic and Sarah Elizabeth Boston 

      Round Table Discussion: 3D Printing for Veterinary Surgeons Chair: Denis J. Marcellin-Little
      Round Table Discussion: How Do I Get this Difficult Wound to Heal Chair: Jeffery J. Biskup
      Round Table Discussion: Surgical Checklists in Practice Chair: Michelle Giuffrida
      Round Table Discussion: What's New with Brachycephalic Treatment Chair: Kathleen M. Ham


Special Sessions


Alternative Careers for Veterinary Surgeons

Chair: Jennifer Haupt

      Current Techniques in Canine and Feline Neurosurgery Chair: Brigitte A. Brisson




CT/MR Imaging

Chair: Allison Zwingenberger




Dangers in the OR

Chair: Matthew D. Barnhart





Chair: Simon Peterson-Jones




Surgical Site Infections

Chair: Scott Weese

      Technicians' Program Chair: Danielle Browning
Chair: Timo Prange
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