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ACVS Surgery Summit

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2016 Exhibitors

3M Animal Care

X 3M Animal Care
Booth: 221

At 3M, science lies at the heart of everything we do. We apply the right science the right way to touch people worldwide – generating breakthroughs that make their lives better, easier and more complete. We are a leader among corporations that use science to make amazing things. No one applies science to life the way we do. 3M Animal Care – providing quality products to the animal health industry for more than four decades!

Website: www.3m.com/animalcare
Phone: 800-848-0829

Booth: 221

AD Surgical

X AD Surgical
Booth: 218

AD Surgical offers a selection of tap quality surgical essentials at the best prices to health professionals. Top quality sutures, blades, drapes, gloves and more at factory-direct prices that are up to 80% lower than our competitors. Available in over 150 choices of Surgical Suture and 30 choices of Cassette Sutures! Suture Samples available at Booth #218. We look forward to serving you soon!

Website: www.ad-surgical.com
Phone: 888-841-8481

Booth: 218

Advanced Monitors Corporation

X Advanced Monitors Corporation
Booth: 437

Advanced Monitors Corporation (AMC) distributes high quality diagnostic medical devices including Endoscopes, Video Otoscopes and Thermometers. AMC’s diagnostic products include the Tele-View Dynamic Equine Exercise Endoscope and the Tele-View USB Endoscope/Gastroscope. The Dynamic scope is the ‘gold standard’ for diagnosing equine upper airway breathing problems. The USB Endoscope/Gastroscope work with computers and tablets and no processor or light processor is needed. The Tele-View Video Otoscopes come in wireless or wired versions and work with TV’s or computers.

Website: www.admon.com
Phone: 858-536-8237 x105

Booth: 437

Advanced Regenerative Therapies

X Advanced Regenerative Therapies
Booth: 338

Advanced Regenerative Therapies (ART) was cofounded in 2007 by David Frisbie, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR, and John Kisiday, PhD, with the goal of providing cutting-edge stem-cell techniques outside the university setting. ART provides bone marrow-derived stem-cell expansion services to veterinarians throughout North America. In addition, ART offers on-site training, cell-banking services, and peer-to-peer consultation to meet all of the needs of our clients.

Website: www.art4dvm.com
Phone: 970-212-0749

Booth: 338

AES, Inc.

X AES, Inc.
Booth: 228

AES has specialized in offering a full range of Anesthesia products and services tailored to our customers’ needs since 1967. Our experience team members are continually in search of finding new and innovative healthcare solutions by working closely with leading anesthesiologists, researchers and hospital staff. PRODUCTS: anesthesia consumables and custom anesthesia devices - APL valves, Active and Passive Waste Gas Scavengers and Tru-Cuff Inflation Syringes. SERVICE: Anesthesia Machine Service within WA, OR & ID.

Website: www.aesol.com
Phone: 800-426-5007

Booth: 228

Andersen Products, Inc.

X Andersen Products, Inc.
Booth: 609

Andersen 100% ethylene oxide sterilization since 1969 saves instruments from damage. EOGas® and Anprolene® Sterilizers employ 17.5g of Ethylene oxide (EO, EtO) in a flexible plastic chamber. Sterilization Starter Kits save $400.00 on a complete package. Installing an Andersen Sterilizer is simple, no plumbing, just a vent to the outside and a standard 110V power supply. Andersen offers Operator training to support you and your employees. An Andersen Sterilizer offers your practice certain advantages.

Website: www.anpro.com
Phone: 800-523-1276

Booth: 609

AniCell Biotech, LLC

X AniCell Biotech, LLC
Booth: 443

AniCell Biotech is an exciting new biotech company that extends the active life of animals with products using amnion growth factors and cellular components collected completely non-invasively during birth at zero risk to foal or mare. This revolutionary treatment alleviates most debilitating injuries through accelerated regeneration of tissue and bone.

Website: www.anicellbiotech.com
Phone: 480-477-0100

Booth: 443

Animage LLC

X Animage LLC
Booth: 204

Animage is a California based company that has created Fidex, an imaging machine for the veterinary field. Fidex is a unique and the only three-modality diagnostic imaging system with one-shot DR designed specifically for companion animal veterinary practice and research laboratories. Fidex combines into a single machine:Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Radiography (DR), Fluoroscopy (FL). Fidex can also be configured as a one-, or two-modality system.

Website: www.animage.com
Phone: 925-416-1900

Booth: 204

Animal Hospital Supply, Inc.

X Animal Hospital Supply, Inc.
Booth: 236

Animal Hospital Supply is innovating veterinary surgical technique and preventing hypothermia in pet patients. As veterinary surgery and critical care have been overlooked by medsurg product manufacturers, AHS is working with leading veterinary clinicians to bring contemporary human products, developed and built appropriately sized for pets, to veterinary medicine.

Website: www.animalhospitalsupply.com
Phone: 888-874-0595

Booth: 236

Antech Disgnostics / Sound / VCA / VCA Hospital Acquisitions

X Antech Disgnostics / Sound / VCA / VCA Hospital Acquisitions
Booth: 519

Antech Diagnostics: the nation’s leading veterinary diagnostic laboratory. Sound: The industry’s #1 digital imaging company offering ultrasound, digital radiography, education, & PACS solutions. VCA Animal Hospitals: Employment available in more than 600 animal hospitals. VCA Hospital Acquisitions: Acquiring free standing practices with a cash transaction. Via: Practice management software.

Website: www.antechdiagnostics.com
Phone: 800-268-5354

Booth: 519

Aratana Therapeutics, Inc.

X Aratana Therapeutics, Inc.
Booth: 431

Aratana Therapeutics is a pet therapeutics company focused on developing and bringing to market innovative biopharmaceutical solutions for cats and dogs. These therapeutics are veterinary exclusive solutions to help meet unmet and underserved medical needs for pets. Currently, Aratana has novel therapeutics in development for cancer, pain, inappetence, viral disease, and allergy to help extend and improve the quality of lives for pets. And this is just the beginning.

Website: www.aratana.com
Phone: (913) 951-2132

Booth: 431

Arthrex Vet Systems - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X Arthrex Vet Systems
Booth: 309

Arthrex Vet Systems (AVS), a division of Arthrex Inc., provides veterinary surgical solutions and ongoing continuing education opportunities and research investments designed to improve animal health. In collaboration with leading veterinary surgeons, AVS develops innovative products and techniques in the categories of cartilage resurfacing, ligament stabilization and orthobiologics, such as Synergy 4K, Canine Unicompartment Elbow® (C.U.E.) SynaCART®, TPLO Plates, Arthroscopic Meniscal Cutter, Stifle Distractor and InternalBrace™. For more information, visit www.ArthrexVetSystems.com.

Website: www.arthrexvetsystems.com
Phone: 800-933-7001

Booth: 309

ArthroDynamic Technologies, Inc.

X ArthroDynamic Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 626

ArthroDynamic is a privately owned, Lexington, Kentucky-based company offering important products to equine and companion animal veterinarians. Our patented products have been well-received by veterinary practitioners and surgeons demanding the very best products for their animal patients.

Website: www.arthrodynamic.com
Phone: 859-514-6075

Booth: 626

Arthroscopy & Medical Equipment International, Inc.

X Arthroscopy & Medical Equipment International, Inc.
Booth: 102

AME International has served as a reliable source for endoscopy for over 20 years and continues to provide it's clients with effective and efficient products. Our knowledge of the industry and passion for patient care are what drive every team member of AME International.

Website: www.ameinternational.com
Phone: 305-662-2855

Booth: 102

Asteris, Inc.

X Asteris, Inc.
Booth: 231

Asteris is a leading provider of PACS, RIS, and HIS technology solutions for the veterinary community. Designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, our Keystone© software suite offers a unique, patented approach to digital image management, viewing, sharing, and reporting. Our products and services allow you to focus on premier patient care rather than the technology it requires. Founded in 2004, Asteris is an independently owned company with offices in New York and Colorado.

Website: www.asteris.biz
Phone: 877-727-8374

Booth: 231

Avalon Medical

X Avalon Medical
Booth: 333

Founded in 1998, Avalon Medical is focused on bringing the research, development and sales of innovative veterinary surgical products to the veterinary market. We understand how much of yourself you put into your practice;we want to help you achieve your mission by bringing you access to some of the most advanced veterinary medical solutions available - at a price you and your clients can actually afford.

Website: www.avalonmed.com
Phone: 651-342-1630

Booth: 333

BDA Architecture (Building Design for Animals)

X BDA Architecture (Building Design for Animals)
Booth: 220

BDA Architecture (Building Design for Animals) specializes exclusively in the design of Animal Care Facilities. Over 700 successful facilities have been completed in 46 states and 11 countries, including small, large and specialist veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, veterinary universities, and boarding facilities. Efficient floor plans, low maintenance finishes, and regional curb appeal are hallmarks of BDA facilities. Our expertise is unparalleled and our passion is delivering quality for you and your clients.

Website: www.bdaarc.com
Phone: 505-858-0180

Booth: 220

BioMedtrix - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X BioMedtrix
Booth: 407

BioMedtrix was founded in 1989 with the objective of designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art veterinary orthopedic implants. Our research into advanced technologies has consistently created innovative systems for joint replacement and trauma. We are represented in nearly all U.S. veterinary teaching universities, many international universities, and specialty clinics throughout the world.

Website: www.biomedtrix.com
Phone: (973) 331-7800

Booth: 407

Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, LLC

X Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, LLC
Booth: 420

Biovision offers compact, user-friendly, high-tech endoscopic surgical and diagnostic solutions that are minimally invasive with less pain and faster recovery. Our systems scale to multiple applications, from exam room diagnostic otoscopy to therapeutic laparoscopy and arthroscopy for animals of almost any size. Our latest innovation, the resilient NeedleView 1.2mm arthroscope, lets you access and visualize joint spaces with only light sedation and a local block. NeedleView can compete with and complement your other imaging tools.

Website: www.biovisionvet.com
Phone: (303) 225-0960

Booth: 420


X BlackwellKing
Booth: 500

BlackwellKing is a Premier Veterinary Recruiting and Consulting Firm specializing in matching qualified candidates with outstanding job opportunities. BlackwellKing is proud to have some of the TOP veterinary hospitals in the world as clients and to be able to introduce highly qualified candidates across the country and around the world. We are able to bridge the gap between hospitals looking for doctors and veterinarians looking for a change. Our skilled team is able to offer guidance and advice to both hospital managers and doctors interested in making a change.

Website: www.blackwellking.com
Phone: 334-699-5002

Booth: 500

BluePearl Veterinary Partners - an ACVS Practice Partner

X BluePearl Veterinary Partners
Booth: 238

BluePearl Veterinary Partners is a national provider of specialty and emergency veterinary care. Our rapidly growing company operates more than 50 hospitals in 18 states. BluePearl combines cutting-edge medicine with compassion and respect for pets and their families. Our mission: Enriching lives through remarkable care for sick pets.

Website: bluepearlvet.com/
Phone: (813) 682-1334

Booth: 238

Bovie Medical Corporation

X Bovie Medical Corporation
Booth: 237

Bovie Medical Corporation manufactures electrosurgical equipment and accessories. The Aaron line of generators is available from 10 to 300 watts and features the latest in safety technology, convenience, and affordability. Also available is a full line of accessories including pencils, electrodes and return pads. Other popular items include lighting, colposcopes, cryosurgical devices, and battery-operated cauteries.

Website: www.boviemed.com
Phone: 800-537-2790

Booth: 237

Bradley Products, Inc.

X Bradley Products, Inc.
Booth: 312

Bradley Products is the manufacturer of The Davidson Marking System, the first tissue marking system specifically developed for use in orienting tissue specimens. Economical, efficient, visible, reliable and safe, the Davidson Marking System tissue marking dyes have been in use worldwide since 1984 and are CE marked for Europe. DMS dyes are appropriate for both fresh and frozen tissue processing.

Website: www.bradleyproducts.com
Phone: 800-325-7785

Booth: 312

Caldera International, Inc.

X Caldera International, Inc.
Booth: 532

Caldera was founded in 1999, with the goal to keep people of all ages engaged in activities that support a quality lifestyle. Our line of hot & cold therapy products, designed for injury prevention and recovery were created to help achieve that goal. Collaborating with veterinarians, physical therapists and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists (CCRT), Caldera has developed a comprehensive line of hot & cold therapy products for pets in support of addressing their specific needs for injury prevention and recovery.

Website: www.calderaintl.com
Phone: 503-350-1340

Booth: 532

Cannuflow, Inc.

X Cannuflow, Inc.
Booth: 100

Cannuflow is the innovation leader in access and fluid management in arthroscopy. Cannuflow makes the atraumatic ClearVu, the world's most popular flexible outflow cannula clinically proven to eliminate cartilage scratching and trauma in veterinary arthroscopy. Cannuflow leads the way in less traumatic surgery with their Extravastat technology to prevent extravasation, and TwoVu that offers inflow and outflow with no accessory portal required.

Website: www.cannuflowvet.com
Phone: 408-764-0220

Booth: 100


X CareCredit
Booth: 514

The CareCredit healthcare credit card, accepted by 20,000 veterinary practices, helps families manage veterinary costs. When your hospital accepts CareCredit, clients can make monthly payments (subject to credit approval), making it easier for them to complete recommended treatment. Visit us at ACVS booth 514!

Website: www.carecredit.com
Phone: 800-300-3046

Booth: 514

Center for Veterinary Specialty Care

X Center for Veterinary Specialty Care
Booth: 630

At the Center for Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Care (CVSEC), we strive to provide you and your Pet with the highest quality and most compassionate care available. We are a comprehensive team of board-certified veterinary specialists, residents, emergency doctors, highly trained veterinary technicians, assistants, and client care representatives all dedicated to animals in need of advanced medical expertise. We have made it our mission to excel at what we do – to improve the health and quality of life of our patients…your pets.

Website: www.cvsecvet.com
Phone: 972-820-7099

Booth: 630

Companion Animal Health by LiteCure

X Companion Animal Health by LiteCure
Booth: 404

Companion Animal Heath offers the most advanced technologies in rehabilitation, diagnostics, and animal wellness. Companion’s line of therapeutic lasers, combined with the new Companion underwater treadmill and Stance Analyzer™ enable you to generate comprehensive wellness programs. You can rely on Companion’s record for superior quality and unparalleled service and support.

Website: www.companionanimalhealth.com
Phone: 302-709-0408

Booth: 404


X ContainMed
Booth: 241

ContainMed offers our modular, deep drawn aluminum cases and trays that provide glove and wrap friendly contours. Our custom case design and manufacturing utilizes our standard bases with customized interiors or folded aluminum and sheet metal for specialized footprints and depths. Our patented, SURGrip Logo screw caddy system securely holds each individual screw which eliminates the need for a retention cover.

Website: www.containmed.com
Phone: 317-487-8800

Booth: 241

Core Imaging

X Core Imaging
Booth: 543

Are you looking to increase the imaging capability at your practice? From our ground breaking mobile X-Ray system to our high resolution digital ultrasound, Core Imaging has a solution to meet your imaging needs. We are the exclusive source for Philips X-Ray and Ultrasound. We also offer the portable, WIFI enabled SIUI ultrasound product line. Whether you are an entry level user or a board certified radiologist or cardiologist, we’ll work with you to choose a solution that best fits your practice needs

Website: www.core-imaging.com
Phone: 616-785-2673

Booth: 543

Dechra Veterinary Products

X Dechra Veterinary Products
Booth: 233

Dechra’s product line includes VETORYL® (trilostane) Capsules for canine hyperadrenocorticism, ZYCORTAL® Suspension (desoxycorticosterone pivalate injectable suspension) for canine Addison’s Disease, FELIMAZOLE™ (methimazole) Coated Tablets, and VETIVEX™ Hartmann’s Solution for Injection. We also have a large dermatology line and the patented PHYCOX® joint health supplement line in our portfolio. Dechra’s equine line includes OSPHOS® (clodronate injection) for the clinical signs associated with Navicular Syndrome, Orthokine® vet irap 10mL and 60mL, and the Osteokine PRP kit.

Website: www.dechra-us.com
Phone: 913-748-4839

Booth: 233

DePuy Synthes Vet

X DePuy Synthes Vet
Booth: 513

DePuy Synthes Vet is now part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, a global leader in orthopedic devices. We develop, produce and market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the animal skeleton and its soft tissues. Our commitment to the Veterinary market remains strong, with increased access to innovative orthopedic solutions.

Website: www.depuysynthes.com/hcp
Phone: (610) 719-6599

Booth: 513

Dextronix, Inc.

X Dextronix, Inc.
Booth: 529

Dextronix manufactures implantable tracheal, urethral, ureteral stents, implantable pacemakers, catheters, extractor baskets, organ suspension systems and provides a suite of wireless heart monitors for anesthesia, diagnostics and ICU telemetry and post discharge remote patient monitoring. All of our products are made in Germany and France and meet the highest quality and performance standards. We ship to customers worldwide.

Website: www.dextronix.com
Phone: 866-744-3427

Booth: 529

DG Instruments

X DG Instruments
Booth: 542

DG Instrument's are known for their exceptional quality. Our general and orthopedic instruments are crafted from the finest materials, in Germany, using only German stainless steel; assuring your satisfaction.

Website: www.dginstruments.com
Phone: 541-862-2575

Booth: 542

Diamondback Drugs

X Diamondback Drugs
Booth: 242

Diamondback Drugs has been your trusted source of innovative, quality veterinary medications since 2001. We can help with medications in every therapeutic class from antibiotics to oncology in a variety of formulations. Ask about our Diamond Tabs®, Diamond Melts® and Diamond Chews®! At Diamondback Drugs we put animals first!

Website: www.diamondbackdrugs.com
Phone: 4809462223

Booth: 242

Digicare Biomedical Technology

X Digicare Biomedical Technology
Booth: 112

Digicare Animal Health has brought to the veterinary market products that deliver reliability and accuracy in monitoring. Product quality and superb customer support is the forefront of our goals as a manufacturing company. Our products are built with high quality components and world class measurement modules. We are committed to supply only state of the art veterinary medical products that will save and enhance the life of animals. We carry network ready multi parameter monitors, Telemetry systems, infusion systems, handheld monitors and defibrillators.

Website: www.digi-vet.com
Phone: 561-689-0408

Booth: 112

DogLeggs, LLC

X DogLeggs, LLC
Booth: 641

DogLeggs is dedicated to enhancing the quality of treatment and improving the lives of companion animals. Today, DogLeggs’ products are revolutionizing the companion pet industry by providing pet owners and veterinarians with innovative, effective, easy to use coverage and support solutions. The perfect alternative to many traditional bandaging methods. From the beginning to this day, ALL DogLeggs’ products are proudly made in the USA, using the highest quality materials.

Website: www.dogleggs.com
Phone: 1-800-313-1218

Booth: 641

Dragon Veterinary

X Dragon Veterinary
Booth: 506

We offer Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for Veterinarians. Our veterinary vocabulary is built by our team of board certified radiologists who have extensive experience with all modalities of veterinary teleradiology. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, helps veterinarians navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans into their veterinary practice management software of choice.

Website: dragonveterinary.com
Phone: 877-422-2479

Booth: 506

DRE Veterinary

X DRE Veterinary
Booth: 531

DRE Veterinary is a complete source for new and professionally refurbished veterinary medical equipment. Our product line encompasses anesthesia systems (including rodent and MRI-compatible), ventilators, animal-specific monitoring (telemetry), medical gas, surgical/exam/wet/grooming tables, surgical lighting, cautery and much more. We offer clean and calibration services of anesthesia machines and vaporizers. We are now offering biomedical field service which includes preventive maintenance programs, performance verification, and parts! Stop by DRE’s booth and check out our show specials!

Website: www.dreveterinary.com
Phone: 800-979-6795

Booth: 531

Eclipse Loupes and Products

X Eclipse Loupes and Products
Booth: 527

Eclipse loupes and products offers the best quality, low cost surgical loupes and lights for the veterinary surgeon. Stop by and see for yourself the all new veterinary specific loupe, The Air. Eclipse will also be offering the newest addition therapy laser. With its portable nature and proven success it will be a fine addition to any veterinary office

Website: www.eclipseloupesandproducts.com
Phone: 877-585-4015

Booth: 527

Elsevier, Inc.

X Elsevier, Inc.
Booth: 124

Elsevier is a leading publisher of health science publications, advancing medicine by delivering superior reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. With an extensive media spectrum—print, online, and handheld, we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format.

Website: www.elsevierhealth.com
Phone: 215-239-3722

Booth: 124

Endoscopy Support Services, Inc.

X Endoscopy Support Services, Inc.
Booth: 601

Endoscopic equipment sales, service, training and consulting since 1989. World leader in veterinary endoscopy products with 20,000+ endoscopic products available. New and Used Equipment, Sales and Service.

Website: www.endoscopy.com
Phone: 845-277-1700

Booth: 601

Enova Illumination

X Enova Illumination
Booth: 240

Since 2005, Enova® Illumination stands alone as the first LED surgical headlight designer and manufacturer in the industry. Our headlights can be found in the best clinics, hospitals, universities and military bases around the world. And, because Enova® headlights are designed for surgeons, by surgeons, we remain on the forefront of innovation to provide the brightest, lightest, and most dependable surgical headlights available.

Website: www.enovaillumination.com/
Phone: 651 236-8328

Booth: 240

Epica™ Medical Innovations

X Epica™ Medical Innovations
Booth: 339

Epica™ Medical Innovations, a subsidiary of Epica International, Inc, designs, engineers and builds innovative and game changing Veterinary CT Scanners with robitcally controlled surgical navigation and Regenerative Therapy Devices available for veterinary use. Leveraging science and technology with expert engineering and an understanding of veterinary practice, Epica™ delivers products that improve quality of care, safety, efficiency, and profitability while increasing the overall capabilities of the practice. Better, safer, smarter products -that is "The Epica™ Way."

Website: www.epicamed.com
Phone: 949-238-6323

Booth: 339

Everost, Inc.

X Everost, Inc.
Booth: 305

Everost and its founders have been leading the way with innovative orthopedic products since 1997. They have introduced crimping systems, add-on ESF clamps, toggle rods, TPLO plates, Locking TPLO plates, bioabsorbable implants, artificial ligaments, OrthoZip and much more to the market since they entered it. Our commitment to veterinary orthopedics is second to none. Please visit our booth and receive a professional yet technical presentation on our products. Thank you for your support over the last 19 years!

Website: www.everost.com
Phone: 855-383-7678

Booth: 305


X ezyVet
Booth: 536

ezyVet is a cutting edge forerunner in the cloud-based veterinary software market. Managing clients, animals, financials, stock, reminders, lab integrations and much more. Boasting two-way integration with both XERO (cloud-based accounting) and Smart Flow Sheet (hospital regimes and electronic treatment whiteboard), ezyVet offers a truly connected solution. Perfectly tailored to suit small animal, referral, emergency & specialist, mixed animal and equine veterinary practices.

Website: www.ezyvet.com
Phone: 1-844-4EZYVET

Booth: 536

Fujifilm SonoSite, Inc.

X Fujifilm SonoSite, Inc.
Booth: 216

SonoSite® hand-carried ultrasound systems are ideal for your veterinary practice. Our complete family of transducers makes reproductive and tendon exams even simpler than you imagined possible. Offering durability without sacrificing the high-resolution imaging you’d expect from a cart-based system. 5-year warranty!

Website: www.sonosite.com
Phone: 425-951-0123

Booth: 216

General Econopak, Inc.

X General Econopak, Inc.
Booth: 207

General Econopak, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of disposable, sterile draping and gowning systems designed specifically for veterinary surgery. All products are made of the finest nonwoven materials and are manufactured and packaged to strict product specifications. GEPCO has been an innovator in the development of products small enough for pocket pet surgery and large enough for equine laparatomy and arthroscopy procedures. Choose from a wide variety of gown and procedure packs; or let GEPCO design a pack, drape or gown to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Website: www.gepco-vet.com
Phone: 215-763-8200

Booth: 207

GingerLead, LLC

X GingerLead, LLC
Booth: 537

GingerLead is a premium, padded sling with leash. It is Ideal for dogs recovering from knee, hip or back surgery, or aging or disabled dogs needing assistance with mobility or balance, dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating ailments. Available in male and female slings for toy to giant breed dogs. Adjustable for height, does not bunch, machine washable and proudly made in the USA.

Website: www.gingerlead.com
Phone: 303-482-2074

Booth: 537

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Ltd

X Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Ltd
Booth: 200

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging design, supply and support advanced imaging systems specifically engineered to meet the needs of veterinarians. The innovation of its standing equine MRI system has completely changed how vets approach equine lameness and the company’s latest product, the PetVet 1.5 Tesla high field MRI is the only MRI system specifically designed for companion animals. With unique coil design and sequences tailored for the veterinary patient you really can achieve the highest quality images.

Website: www.hallmarq.net
Phone: 978-266-1219

Booth: 200

Hallowell EMC

X Hallowell EMC
Booth: 621

Ventilatory support for animals of all sizes. The MicroVent1 – mice, rats, pocket pets, small avian. The Anesthesia WorkStation (AWS) with new software for reptiles – rats, pocket pets, rabbits, cats, small dogs (200ml TV limit). Our Model 2002PRO – with 3 interchangeable tops, rabbits and ferrets, all dogs and cats to sheep and foals. Tafonius and Tafonius Junior – large dogs on up to horses 100 lbs to 2000 lbs. Stop by and see us.

Website: www.hallowell.com
Phone: 413-445-4263

Booth: 621


X Hemablock
Booth: 214

Hemablock is the industry favorite sterile surgical hemostat powder. Come by our booth for a free sample and learn about our amazing MPB technology.

Website: www.hemablock.com
Phone: 952-992-0656

Booth: 214

Henry Schein Animal Health

X Henry Schein Animal Health
Booth: 615

Henry Schein Animal Health® is the nation’s leading animal health distributor for wellness, compliance, and practice management solutions. Veterinary Instrumentation by HSAH offers premium general, dental and orthopedic instrumentation specifically manufactured for Veterinarians. The offering includes TPLO, TTA and the new TTA Rapid implants in order to provide surgeons with the best products for their patients. To contact HSAH or find out more about these products please call: (855) SCHEIN1 (724-3461) or www.henryscheinvet.com.

Website: www.henryscheinvet.com
Phone: 855-724-3461

Booth: 615

Heska Corporation-Cuattro Imaging

X Heska Corporation-Cuattro Imaging
Booth: 140

Heska Corporation (NASDAQ: HSKA) sells advanced, diagnostic veterinary products. Heska's state-of-the-art offerings include the Element in-house Chemistry, Hematology, Blood Gas and Electrolyte systems, Cuattro Digital Radiography and Esaote MyLab Ultrasound. With Heska’s proven accuracy, these systems offer the industry’s fastest and most advanced in-house diagnostic capabilities for small animal and equine practitioners. For further information on Heska and Cuattro products, visit the company's website at www.heska.com

Website: www.heska.com
Phone: 800-464-3752 ext. 4177

Booth: 140

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Booth: 401

For more than 70 years, Hill’s® has provided the most technologically advanced therapeutic and wellness foods to veterinary professionals.

Website: www.hillsvet.com
Phone: (800) 445-5777

Booth: 401

Hot Dog Patient Warming

X Hot Dog Patient Warming
Booth: 212

Patient warming breakthrough from the inventor of forced-air warming! No blowing air, no water, no wires…our patented conductive fabric technology provides safe, even warmth. Clinically proven to be superior to other warming methods, with several blanket sizes to meet all of your warming needs. It’s safe, effective, durable, and reusable. Made in the U.S.A. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Website: www.vetwarming.com
Phone: 866-484-3505

Booth: 212

Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (hvm)

X Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (hvm)
Booth: 219

Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (hvm) is the ONLY fully supported and VHMS Certified veterinary hyperbaric chamber available worldwide. HVM is “the standard” in veterinary hyperbarics with its patented, non-acrylic, steel chamber engineered solely with animal safety in mind. HVM works around facilities’ needs and fully educates and trains all staff members by VHMS specifications, enabling a path for ALL veterinary facilities to offer advanced HBOT treatments to its patients, increasing both the quality of clinical outcomes and practice profitability.

Website: www.hvmed.com
Phone: 800-928-6886

Booth: 219


Booth: 232

IDEXX is a leader in pet healthcare innovation, serving veterinarians with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. IDEXX solutions enhance veterinarians’ ability to provide advanced medical care, improve staff efficiency, and build more economically successful practices. We offer the most accurate real-time diagnostics with our SNAP® tests, the most sophisticated pet-side diagnostic instruments including the Catalyst One™ Chemistry Analyzer, and the highest-quality diagnostic results and service at IDEXX Reference laboratories.

Website: www.idexx.com
Phone: 207-556-5405

Booth: 232

IMEX Veterinary, Inc.

X IMEX Veterinary, Inc.
Booth: 413

IMEX Veterinary, Inc. is leading manufacturer of veterinary orthopedic products, specializing in state-of-the-art, cost-efficient external fixators. Key products include the new Ventura Stifle Thrust Lever and SK ESF System, plus the largest selection of pin diameters/lengths ranging from miniature ESF pins to large animal transfixation pins.

Website: www.imexvet.com
Phone: 903-295-2196

Booth: 413

IMS Animal Health

X IMS Animal Health
Booth: 424

IMS Animal Health and Spectrum Surgical Instruments have combined to offer a one stop shop for veterinary surgical instruments, certified pre-owned equipment, and veterinary endoscopy solutions. IMS Animal Health is also a leading provider of surgical device and surgical instrument repair, sharpening and restoration services .With a focus on the Customer, we take a leading role in the industry by providing free educational resources about surgical instrument care to educate those who come in contact with surgical instruments.

Website: www.imsanimalhealth.com
Phone: 2054142752

Booth: 424

Infiniti Medical

X Infiniti Medical
Booth: 504

Infiniti Medical is a pioneer in the veterinary medical device market, offering an innovative portfolio including Vet Stents, cardiac devices, oncology solutions, and diagnostic imaging products. Our newest product, ALICAM, is the world's first ambulatory light-based imaging (ALI) device for dogs. Once swallowed, ALICAM captures high-resolution, 360-degree diagnostic images of the entire gastrointestinal tract while calculating GI transit time. In addition, Infiniti Medical's global training program includes hands-on lab sessions and lectures throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Website: www.infinitimedical.com
Phone: 6503275000

Booth: 504

Intrauma Vet

X Intrauma Vet
Booth: 208

Intrauma designs and manufactures the FIXIN range of locking plates (3.0-3.5 standard, 1.9-2.5 mini, and 1.7 micro), ISOLOCK suture, and Power equipment. Intrauma is committed to ongoing research and development of both materials and manufacturing processes, in collaboration with experienced veterinary orthopedic surgeons, to provide the highest quality implants and to simplify today's approach to veterinary orthopedics.

Website: www.intrauma.com
Phone: 505-400-7250

Booth: 208

ISU-VSC, dba Iowa Veterinary Specialties

X ISU-VSC, dba Iowa Veterinary Specialties
Booth: 230

Iowa Veterinary Specialties is a progressive multi-specialty/ emergency referral practice in Des Moines, Iowa, operating for over thirty-five years. We have a strategic alliance with the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. This relationship provides synergies that can be individually developed as any surgical candidate so chooses. We offer an outstanding opportunity to join a progressive, growing organization of highly skilled staff with a stimulating case-load.

Website: www.iowaveterinaryspecialties.com
Phone: 515-280-3100

Booth: 230

Ivaoes Animal Health

X Ivaoes Animal Health
Booth: 122

Ivaoes is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in identifying, consolidating and procuring CVM¿approvals on Cross-Over Medications™ in a market that consistently faces supply issues due to manufacturing shortages and product discontinuation as a result of the human market. At Ivaoes, our goal is to ensure the animal healthcare market’s continued access to important medications. Ivaoes’ initiatives will optimize, secure and diversify a CVM¿approved product portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals that yields the most secure supply chain to prolong life and ease pain for companion animals.

Website: www.ivaoes.com
Phone: 520-528-0073

Booth: 122

Jazz Medical

X Jazz Medical
Booth: 525

Jazz Medical sole focus is "Advanced Wound Care" for animals. We have partnered with leading manufactures to bring you some of the best products available today. All of our products are FDA/CE approved including the full-line of MEDIHONEY® wound products, Bioguard Antimicrobial Barrier Dressings, Xtrasorb for fluid management and other products to meet your everyday needs in wound management. Our antimicrobial products are clinically proven to defeat MRSA, VRE and other 'Super-bugs'.

Website: www.jazzmed.com
Phone: 8779785299

Booth: 525

Jorgensen Laboratories

X Jorgensen Laboratories
Booth: 213

Jorgensen Laboratories is known for high quality veterinary surgical suture, instruments and equipment. See the Jorvet range of capital equipment including the new Cool Renewal cryosurgical kit, the Tononvet, centrifuges, microscopes, anesthesia machines, monitoring devices and the latest in laser therapy.

Website: www.jorvet.com
Phone: 970-669-2500

Booth: 213

Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy America

X Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy America
Booth: 524

Karl Storz is the world leader in the development of endoscopy products and video imaging systems for use in veterinary practice.

Website: www.karlstorz.com
Phone: 800-955-7832

Booth: 524

KCI Animal Health

X KCI Animal Health
Booth: 239

Since its introduction, V.A.C.® Therapy has changed the way wounds are healed. V.A.C.® Therapy promotes wound healing through Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). By delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a patented dressing, the wound edges are drawn together, infectious materials are removed and granulation tissue is promoted at the cellular level. The Vacuum Assisted Closure® (V.A.C.®) Therapy System can help heal most wound types.

Website: www.kcianimalhealth.com
Phone: 877-524-4838

Booth: 239


Booth: 619

KRUUSE – the makers of BUSTER Collars and much more. Danish company KRUUSE is bringing many new products to US veterinary professionals. Visit our booth to see our KRUUSE Sutures, BUSTER Premium Collars, Rehab Protectors, Urinary Catheters, Advanced wound products, Equivet range and much more…. We provide qualitative veterinary solutions, products and knowledge that help ensure the most effective animal health care Check out our latest catalogues, videos and articles on www.kruuse.com

Website: www.kruuse.com
Phone: +45 72141511

Booth: 619


Booth: 106

KVP is the world's premier E-Collar Manufacturer and a Marketing mainstay representing KONG , FURminator, and more in the veterinary marketplace. Designing products for mice to Mastiffs, including surgical linens, feeding and dosing needles, ID Bands, KONG Blue (a Vet exclusive) and so much more ; KVP is your clinic's best friend. NEW FOR 2016: CAERUS SPLINTS & BRACES. Contact your local distributor for details and visit www.KVPvet.com today.

Website: www.kvpvet.com
Phone: 626-633-0077

Booth: 106

Kyon Veterinary Surgical Products

X Kyon Veterinary Surgical Products
Booth: 425

"KYON Veterinary Surgical Products is the inventor of TTA, Zurich Cementless THR and Advanced Locking Plate System (ALPS), PAUL, PGR, TTA-2, KYON TPLO, and RUBY lateral suture. We provide the veterinary orthopedic community with innovative products for surgery in companion animals. We invent surgical techniques, design implants and instruments, clinically test all procedures and materials, produce the highest-quality products, organize extensive educational programs and distribute our products worldwide.

Website: kyon.ch
Phone: 617-567-2436

Booth: 425


X LendingUSA
Booth: 142

LendingUSA offers a new approach to client financing designed specifically for veterinary practices. We're easy to use and built to grow your business by as much as $34,000 a year – with up to 30% more approvals than typical financing programs. Best of all, we offer no-cost financing on all prime loans, with no enrollment, membership or minimum fees. All our loans include promotional financing at no additional cost. LendingUSA is the first truly practice-friendly financing solution that is better for surgical veterinarians and better for pet owners.

Website: www.lendingusa.com
Phone: 800-574-9945

Booth: 142

Medical Illumination International

X Medical Illumination International
Booth: 225

Largest U.S. manufacturer of surgery lighting, equipment pendants and video integration for the Veterinary surgery field. Please stop by our booth for a viewing of our equipment, and to discuss your facility’s individual needs. Medical Illumination……Illuminated Thinking!

Website: www.medillum.com
Phone: 818-838-3025

Booth: 225

Medicus Biosciences

X Medicus Biosciences
Booth: 628

Medicus Biosciences is a biotech company specializing in cutting-edge polymers for use in various medical fields. Our polymers are used in a variety of situations from advanced wound management to localized drug delivery devices. We have offices in Northern and Southern California. SutureSeal™ is a long lasting, transparent bandage replacement made of a non-toxic biodegradable polymer. This is a specially formulated hydrogel is designed for incision and wound protection in small and large animals.

Website: www.medicusbiosciences.com
Phone: 310-395-7643

Booth: 628

MediVet Biologics

X MediVet Biologics
Booth: 441

MediVet Biologics is an animal health focused biotechnology company based in central Kentucky. MediVet Biologics pioneered a same day stem cell treatment that allows veterinarians to harvest, isolate and activate millions of the patient’s own stem cells prior to application. In addition to Stem Cell therapy MediVet Biologics has a portfolio of cutting edge products that include Platelet Rich Plasma kits and bio-tissue scaffolds.

Website: www.medivetbiologics.com
Phone: 800-365-9168

Booth: 441

Medtronic - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X Medtronic
Booth: 417

At Medtronic Animal Health, we have one purpose: to make sure veterinary practices have what they need to care for the animals entrusted to them. In everything we do, we are determined to help veterinarians build healthy, sustainable practices and realize improved outcomes for their patients.

Website: www.covidien.com/animalhealth/pages.aspx
Phone: (508) 261-8000

Booth: 417

MedVet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets - an ACVS Practice Partner

X MedVet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets
Booth: 118

MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets is a widely recognized and growing group of emergency and specialty referral veterinary hospitals for companion animals. MedVet, whose mission is leading specialty healthcare for pets, is employee owned and veterinary led. MedVet provides specialty referral services for in-depth patient care, as well as emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Two of our hospitals were named the AAHA Accredited Referral Practice of the Year in 2014 and 2016, the only group of practices to receive this award twice.

Website: www.medvetforpets.com
Phone: 614-846-5800

Booth: 118

Merial Limited

X Merial Limited
Booth: 201

Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals. Merial is a Sanofi company.

Website: www.merial.com
Phone: 888-637-4251

Booth: 201

MiE America

X MiE America
Booth: 110

Nuclear scintigraphy is our specialty. We’ve developed an outstanding solution for veterinary medicine. Our Equine Scanner HR® speaks for itself: a professional system with high reliability, large detection field, incredible motion correction software (Paralyzer-Plus®), and beautiful image quality. See the next generation of scintigraphy.

Website: www.mieamerica.com
Phone: 847-981-6100

Booth: 110

Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals

X Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals
Booth: 206

PiezoWave Vet Shockwave Therapy for Small Animal and Equine. Oasis canine underwater treadmill. The Loop from Assisi Animal Health.

Website: www.mtavet.com
Phone: 608-278-7769

Booth: 206

New Generation Devices - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X New Generation Devices
Booth: 316

Since 2001, New Generation Devices (NGD), a veterinary specific orthopedic development company, has been providing veterinarians with novel designs and innovative technologies to improve their approach. In 2004 NGD was the first company to introduce our patented dual compression locking plate technology, and to date offers the largest selection of veterinary specific locking plates. New this year are some additions to our stifle repair product-line that offers the surgeon more versatility and flexibility.

Website: www.ngdvet.com
Phone: (201) 891-5615

Booth: 316

Norfolk Vet Products

X Norfolk Vet Products
Booth: 327

Norfolk Vet Products is dedicated to the design and manufacture of specialty medical devices for the veterinary community. Our products include the SUB System for ureteral by pass, AUS –Port System an artificial urethral sphincter for the relief of urinary incontinence, PleuralPort for drainage of pleural effusions and CompanionPort for the intravenous delivery of chemotherapy.

Website: www.norfolkvetproducts.com
Phone: 847-674-7143 ext 301

Booth: 327

Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc.

X Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc.
Booth: 217

The science behind animal health and wellness starts here. Ask us about new Solliquin™ behavioral health supplement and Cobalequin™ cobalamin chewable tablets. Other products include the #1 veterinarian recommended joint health brand Dasuquin® and liver support brand Denamarin®, Marin® Plus for liver health, Crananidin® for urinary tract health, multi-strain probiotic Proviable®, Welactin® omega-3 fish oil, and Consil synthetic bone graft.

Website: www.nutramaxlabs.com
Phone: 888-886-6442

Booth: 217

Orthomed North America

X Orthomed North America
Booth: 512

Orthomed is dedicated to developing state of the art veterinary orthopedic solutions that benefit the patient, surgeon, and the clinic. Our product portfolio includes some of the most innovative orthopedic products and systems available to the veterinary industry: including products such as MMP Orthofoam, SOP, PCA and RidgeStop for patella luxation.

Website: www.orthomed.co.uk
Phone: 772-562-6044

Booth: 512

Orthopedic Surgical Solutions, LLC

X Orthopedic Surgical Solutions, LLC
Booth: 603

Orthopedic Surgical Solutions specializes in medical device sales & medical equipment repairs. We offer new & refurbished patient ready medical equipment for the Veterinary industry. We offer an innovative, cost effective Veterinary Orthopedic line of surgical instruments and implants. In addition to our Veterinary surgical instruments and implants, we offer a broad range of power surgical instruments, operating room equipment, and endoscopy equipment. We offer the most trusted brands in the medical industry.

Website: www.orthopedicsolutionsinc.com
Phone: 520-495-0211

Booth: 603

OsteoCertus, LLC

X OsteoCertus, LLC
Booth: 605

OsteoCertus develops and commercializes implants and instruments for veterinary surgery. At the ACVS 2016 OsteoCertus will announce the launch of an innovative plating system utilizing the most advanced technology available. This unique system addresses a very wide range of procedures with minimal inventory and an implant that is strong, anatomic and soft-tissue friendly.

Website: www.osteocertus.com
Phone: 305-562-3432

Booth: 605

Owl Manor Veterinary

X Owl Manor Veterinary
Booth: 643

Owl Manor Veterinary is a privately held medical device company dedicated to joint preservation and advanced wound care treatment of companion animals (equine and canine). We are committed to innovative, effective, and efficient treatment through a combination of regenerative medicine, point-of-care autologous biologics, and the development of a complimentary new proprietary wound dressing platform.

Website: www.omveterinary.com
Phone: 888 - 925 - 8269

Booth: 643


X Oxtex
Booth: 340

Oxtex is a medical device company, producing self-inflating tissue expanders for veterinary patients. Tissue expansion is commonly used in human reconstructive surgery to grow extra skin through controlled mechanical overstretch. It is a proven, reliable method that provides additional tissue for reconstruction. Tissue expansion can reduce the cost of treatment and is a significant improvement to other alternative methods for surgical reconstruction particularly on the distal limbs and heads of dogs and horses.

Website: www.oxtex.com
Phone: +447762337573

Booth: 340

Pack Leader DVM

X Pack Leader DVM
Booth: 426

Announcing Pack Leader DVM, the leader in software built specifically for the veterinary specialist. We provide specialty workflows including workflows for ACVS members and our software can handle any number of providers, specialties and facilities. We can also convert your current data. Our software includes advanced drawing, digital imaging, scanning, automatic referral letter creation, data point display by type of visit/procedure, inventory, P/O, scheduling, billing, reporting and clinical analysis within a centralized SQL database.

Website: www.packleaderdvm.com
Phone: 877-256-4747

Booth: 426

Partners in Veterinary Therapeutics

X Partners in Veterinary Therapeutics
Booth: 324

Partners in Veterinary Therapeutics is a consortium of companies providing products and services for veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation practices. OrthoPets: www.orthopets.com CRI: www.caninerehabinstitute.com Respond: www.respondsystems.com Pulse Vet: www.pulsevet.com Game Ready: www.gamereadyvet.com

Website: partnersvettherapeutics.com
Phone: 720 746 8036

Booth: 324

Patterson Veterinary

X Patterson Veterinary
Booth: 637

Patterson Veterinary has helped small animal, equine, and mixed animal practices succeed with the best products, consistently outstanding customer service, and industry-leading equipment and supplies. In addition to the things you expect—local representatives, hundreds of products, 24/7 online ordering, fast delivery, an extensive product catalog, and attendance at industry shows and conferences—we offer an array of value-added business solutions and signature programs that you would not expect.

Website: www.pattersonvet.com
Phone: 800-225-7911

Booth: 637


X PractiVet
Booth: 539

Whether it’s IV administration sets, Needlefree Closed System Transfer Devices for Chemotherapy, high quality German made instruments or any of our other surgical devices, our products were designed specifically for the veterinary patient.

Website: www.practivet.com
Phone: 800-535-4057

Booth: 539

Rita Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

X Rita Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG
Booth: 120

Rita Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG is a family owned and family run company. The Headquarter is located in the South-West Germany near Tuttlingen - the "Medical Silicon Valley". Our business is focused on innovative veterinary medical products. Now the company is the worlds leading supplier for 3D printed knee and spinal implants for companion animals. The veterinary products line with its orthopaedic/spinal implants are sold through a sales and distribution network throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Website: www.leibinger-medical.com
Phone: +49 (0) 7463-99291-0

Booth: 120

Rose Micro Solutions

X Rose Micro Solutions
Booth: TBD

Rose Micro Solutions sells High Quality Optical Loupes & LED Lighting systems for less! Our Loupes start @ $279.00. We are a "FAMILY" Business consisting of 4 Brothers.We named the company after our mother "ROSE".Stop by booth # 606 to see for yourself! Thank You!

Website: www.rosemicrosolutions.com
Phone: 716-608-0009

Booth: TBD


X Sawbones
Booth: 624

For over three decades, Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc. (Sawbones), the originators of "hands-on" workshop models, continues to be the leader in medical models for orthopedic and medical education. Sawbones models have been specifically developed for use in motor skills exercises where a realistic artificial anatomical model is required for the "hands-on" teaching of surgical procedures. We offer a complete range of services to enhance the world of medical education, product demonstration, and patient awareness.

Website: www.sawbones.com
Phone: 2067997801

Booth: 624

Securos Surgical - an ACVS Premier Sponsor

X Securos Surgical
Booth: 501

Securos Surgical synergizes innovation, customer service, dedication, quality and integrity into the driving ambition for everything that we do. We offer a full array in joint management, trauma, biomaterials, surgical instruments, repair services, suture and continuing education (CE). Visit booth #501 to get the Securos Surgical experience.

Website: www.securos.com
Phone: 877-266-3349

Booth: 501

Serres Inc.

X Serres Inc.
Booth: 640

Serres is proud to offer one of the most advanced suction bag systems in the world. Serres' mission is to help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work and ensure safe outcomes. Thanks to our continued commitment to product development we maintain the highest quality standards. Our vision is to become the global market leader in suction systems with completely comprehensive and a continuously expanding product range.

Website: www.serres.us
Phone: 414-331-6607

Booth: 640

Servet USA

X Servet USA
Booth: 116

Servet publishes about twenty technical books annually, with the collaboration of the most distinguished professionals. The works published by Servet are considered the best reference books for veterinarians worldwide.

Website: servetusa.com
Phone: 303-699-1764

Booth: 116

Smiths Medical - Surgivet

X Smiths Medical - Surgivet
Booth: 613

Website: www.surgivet.com
Phone: 949-382-5936

Booth: 613

Snyder Mfg. Co.

X Snyder Mfg. Co.
Booth: 224

Snyder Mfg. Co. manufactures laminate cage units and kennel runs. Our product line includes: Kennel Runs, Intensive Care Units, Cage Units, Cat Cottages¿with Litter Pan Hiders¿, Corner Cat Cottages, Euro Condos, Drying Cages, Avian Treatment Cages, and Pet Display Units. Show Specials: 20% off Cages and Runs, 15% off Intensive Care Units, Avian Treatment Cages, and Pet Display Cages and 5% off Drying Cages. Our experienced representatives are there to assist with facility design.

Website: www.snydermfg.com
Phone: 800-422-1932

Booth: 224

Sontec Instruments, Inc.

X Sontec Instruments, Inc.
Booth: 600

Sontec offers a comprehensive selection of exceptional hand held surgical instruments, headlights and loupes available to the discriminating surgeon. There is no substitute for quality, expertise and individualized service. Sontec’s vast array awaits your consideration at our booth.

Website: www.sontecinstruments.com
Phone: 303-790-9411

Booth: 600


X SpecVet
Booth: 104

SpecVet is the first practice management software designed to meet the specific needs of specialty & emergency veterinary hospitals. For over 15 years, SpecVet has been innovating and leading the industry to produce the most powerful, flexible and innovative software yet. If you’re changing the way you work to compensate for shortcomings of your current software, stop! SpecVet mimics the clinical and administrative workflow of ER/specialty clinics. no other software delivers SpecVet’s flexibility, consistency and accuracy.

Website: www.specvet.com
Phone: 877-499-7732

Booth: 104

Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists

X Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists
Booth: 541

Small Animal Specialty practice focusing on small, quality medicine and core values of Compassion, Integrity, Knowledge, Loyalty, Respect, Responsibility and Trust.

Website: www.slvetspecialists.com
Phone: 612-802-5031

Booth: 541


X SurgiReal
Booth: 439

SurgiReal Products designs and manufactures veterinary simulation products that are unmatched in supporting better education and better outcomes for practitioners and educators. At the nexus of veterinary medicine/surgery and materials technology, SurgiReal offers a portfolio of product solutions designed to be the most realistic and cost effective learning platforms available. SurgiReal supports better education and better outcomes at over 300 veterinary organizations throughout North America and beyond.

Website: www.surgireal.com
Phone: 970-818-7060

Booth: 439

SurgiTel/General Scientific Corporation

X SurgiTel/General Scientific Corporation
Booth: 202

SurgiTel designs and manufactures premium loupes, headlights and accessories to enhance vision and help avoid eye stress and neck/back pain. SurgiTel loupes are sold around the world and have received multiple awards for our exclusive, patented innovations in lens, prism and LED technologies. Visit our booth to try on all our newest products and ask about our special show pricing!

Website: www.surgitel.com
Phone: 800-959-0153

Booth: 202

Universal Imaging, Inc.

X Universal Imaging, Inc.
Booth: 332

Ultrasound and Digital Radiography Veterinary Solutions Universal Imaging has been setting the standard for veterinary imaging for over 37 years. We offer ultrasound and digital radiography packages featuring all-digital technology, portability, connectivity, education and training. Visit us today.

Website: www.universalimaginginc.com
Phone: 914-666-6200

Booth: 332

Universal Medical Systems, Inc.

X Universal Medical Systems, Inc.
Booth: 329

Universal Medical Systems, Inc. (Ohio) is the only LICENSED AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR serving the veterinary market selling and leasing NEW CT and MRI scanners exclusively from five of the major manufacturers designed specifically to meet your needs. New or certified systems are available with a variety of financing and service options. Visit us today.

Website: www.veterinary-imaging.com
Phone: 440-349-3210

Booth: 329

Universal Surgical Instruments

X Universal Surgical Instruments
Booth: 405

Website: www.universalsurgical.com
Phone: 516-860-6468

Booth: 405

University Veterinary Specialists

X University Veterinary Specialists
Booth: 538

UVS is a mixed species (canine, feline, equine) emergency and specialty veterinary practice. We strive to be the best in customer service, dedication, innovation, quality care, and support for primary care vets. The mission of UVS is to enhance animal health by delivering superior quality care and personalized treatment while continuing to advance the veterinary profession through continued training and discovery.

Website: www.universityveterinaryspecialists.com
Phone: 724-717-2273

Booth: 538

VedaJag, INC

X VedaJag, INC
Booth: 540

VedaJag, INC is a wound care company focused on scientific research and data to support our product claims. Our first product, AGADA, is a chitosan-based, powder wound dressing that has antibacterial and hemostatic properties. VedaJag, INC is a privately held, woman owned company and our products are made in the USA.

Website: www.vedajag.com
Phone: 904-219-1359

Booth: 540

Veterinary Implants Direct

X Veterinary Implants Direct
Booth: 205

Veterinary Implants Direct is a surgeon and patient oriented company. We are developing new products and improving old ones. We use the highest standard European materials, manufacturing and processing. Advanced plate geometry patents that improve surgery time and save money, meeting the international standards of material composition quality. We also provide practical products like the TPLO demonstration model. Surgeons are switching to VID simply because everything we create is specifically designed to help their business.

Website: www.veterinaryimplantsdirect.com
Phone: 7149070682

Booth: 205

Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

X Veterinary Orthopedic Implants
Booth: 300

Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

Website: www.vetimplants.com
Phone: 904-436-6540

Booth: 300

Veterinary Products Laboratories

X Veterinary Products Laboratories
Booth: 227

Veterinary Products Laboratories (VPL) is a manufacturer of surgical and wound management products, therapeutics, nutritionals, topical and premise insecticides, and also carries medical devices from BD and Argon Medical for the veterinary community. All of our products are 100% guaranteed and are available to veterinarians through veterinary distributors. For more information visit our booth 227, see our website www.vpl.com or call 1-888-241-9545.

Website: www.vpl.com
Phone: 888-241-9545

Booth: 227

Veterinary Transplant Services

X Veterinary Transplant Services
Booth: 314

For the past 20 years, VTS has provided the veterinary surgical community with RELIABLE, easy-to-use Osteoinductive BONE GRAFTS for FASTER HEALING and FEWER COMPLICATIONS in orthopedic and dental cases. ORTHOMIX, PERIOMIX, FUSION XPRESS, and SYNERGY have helped over 100,000 patients. As the leader in innovative tissue-based products, we now provide TENDON allografts and the new surface-modified FORTIGEN, which boasts healing properties comparable to BMP-2. Visit booth 314 to learn how VTS can provide BIOLOGIC INNOVATION to even the most complex surgical cases!

Website: www.vtsonline.com
Phone: 800-558-5223

Booth: 314

Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal

X Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal
Booth: 108

Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal, is the world’s largest manufacturer of Veterinary specific x-ray equipment. Vet Ray Technology has the top selling small animal table for both digital and film applications and supplies a wide variety of large animal products.

Website: www.vetray.com
Phone: 8473946966

Booth: 108


X Vetrix
Booth: 516

Used in universities and specialty practices across the world, Vetrix® products are the standard of regenerative medicine. Vetrix® BioSIS is an acellular biomaterial that supports native tissue repair with a scaffold-like matrix having an all natural structure and composition. Vetrix® BioSIS does not encapsulate when surgically implanted but is gradually remodeled, leaving behind organized tissue. Indications include: soft tissue repair or reinforcement, urogynecologic procedures, wound management, body wall and thoracic wall reconstruction, and corneal lacerations/ulcers.

Website: www.rethinkhealing.com
Phone: 888-595-0170

Booth: 516

VetStem Biopharma

X VetStem Biopharma
Booth: 642

VetStem Biopharma is a veterinarian lead company that was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the profession. This privately held biopharmaceutical enterprise currently offers veterinarians an adipose derived autologous stem-cell therapy service, and is fully engaged in the development and registration of the first cellular therapy product to be submitted to the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine. Over 11,000 patients have been treated with VetStem cell therapy by veterinarians.

Website: www.vetstem.com
Phone: 858-748-2004

Booth: 642

Walkin' Pets by Handicappedpets.com

X Walkin' Pets by Handicappedpets.com
Booth: 636

At HandicappedPets.com, we believe that our aging, disabled, and injured pets are family and deserve to live happy healthy lives. With over 250 products, we have everything you need to help you care for your pets. Our signature product, the patented Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is the only one that can be ordered without taking complex measurements.

Website: www.handicappedpets.com
Phone: 888-253-0777

Booth: 636


X Weave
Booth: 229

WEAVE software helps you make more meaningful connections with patients. It works seamlessly with your practice management software, pulling relevant data and presenting it in a beautifully simple way. Instant prompts give you everything you need to know about your patients to make them feel important and appreciated.

Website: www.getweave.com
Phone: 888-579-5668

Booth: 229

West Coast Medical Equipment Services, Inc

X West Coast Medical Equipment Services, Inc
Booth: 530

West Coast Medical Equipment Services, Inc. Sales and Service of Specialty Endoscopic, Orthopedic, and General Equipment to the Veterinary Community. SPECIALIZED PRODUCTS: Orthopedic Powered Equipment & Accessories. Endoscopic Equipment & Accessories. Flexible & Rigid Endoscopy. Electrosurgical Units. Orthopedic Implants & Instrumentation. Cutting Accessories. Surgical Instruments. REPAIR SERVICES: Stryker Equipment, Orthopedic Handpieces & Attachments. Flexible & Rigid Scopes. Endoscopic Instruments, IV Pumps, Centrifuges, Electrosurgical Units and General Equipment.

Website: www.westcoastmedicalequipment.com
Phone: 909-466-4646

Booth: 530


X Wiley
Booth: 203

Wiley has an internationally renowned program of books and journals in veterinary medicine, positioning us as one of the foremost publishers in animal biology and medicine. We work in partnership with veterinary societies and associations worldwide, and our veterinary publishing program represents the very best in academic research, clinical expertise, and student learning.

Website: www.wiley.com
Phone: 800.759.6102

Booth: 203


X Zoetis
Booth: 400

Zoetis (zo-EH-tis) is the leading animal health company, dedicated to the long-term health of its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 60 years of animal health experience, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets veterinary vaccines, medicines, diagnostic products, genetics tests, and a range of services. Since 1996, Zoetis has been a continuous partner in veterinary pain management. For more information, visit us as at our booth and at www.zoetisus.com.

Website: www.zoetis.com
Phone: (973) 822-7000

Booth: 400


Non-Profit Tabletop Exhibitors

AOVET North America

X AOVET North America
Booth: TT1

AOVETNA is a not for profit organization which exists as regional network of surgeons, scientists and other relevant groups, highly specialized in the field of veterinary surgery of the musculoskeletal system. The mission of AOVETNA is to advance the practice of veterinary surgery to improve patient outcomes. Therefore, AOVETNA serves to promote experimental and clinical research, education and development in the field of veterinary surgery.

Website: www.aovet.org
Phone: 610-993-5100

Booth: TT1

Christian Veterinary Mission

X Christian Veterinary Mission
Booth: TT2

Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) is a fellowship of Christian veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians and those of allied interest who are committed to living their faith out through their profession. CVM staff and volunteers serve in developing countries around the world as well as here in the United States.

Website: www.cvmusa.org
Phone: 206-289-7811

Booth: TT2

Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine

X Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine
Booth: TT5

LMU-CVM faculty members are nationally renowned veterinary educators with a commitment to teaching and lifelong learning. Our DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center (DVTC) is a world class teaching facility where students utilize the “hands on” approach from the first semester and onwards. The clinical experiences are varied, with busy caseloads that emphasize a team approach. Not only do our students receive this real world “hands on” experience, but also an education that includes leadership skills, communications and community service.

Website: vetmed.lmunet.edu
Phone: 800-325-0900

Booth: TT5

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

X Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine
Booth: TT6

Website: www.lsu.edu/vetmed
Phone: 225-578-9553

Booth: TT6

Veterinary Orthopedic Society

X Veterinary Orthopedic Society
Booth: TT3

The Veterinary Orthopedic Society (VOS) provides for the association of persons engaged in the practice, teaching, or research of orthopedics for the presentation and discussion of common-interest items to further scientific investigation and to upgrade the specialty of orthopedics in order to provide better patient care.

Website: www.vosdvm.org
Phone: 720-335-6051

Booth: TT3

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