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Sample Examination Questions

This series of web pages will take you through simulated exam questions of the types that are given to ACVS examination candidates. There are Written, Practical and Case-Based Examination questions.

For the sample Practical Examination, each opening page presents a case scenario. When you think you know the answer, click on the link that is the next question. The answer to the question will be on the next page, along with more information and/or the next question.

For the Case-Based Examination, please download the applicable Question Sheet (PDF document) prior to opening the corresponding sample Case-Based Examination. The Case-Based Examination samples are presented as PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Written Examination Questions
  2. Large Animal Practical Examination
  3. Small Animal Practical Examination
  4. Large Animal Case-Based Examination
  5. Small Animal Case-Based Examination