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Phase II Examination Navigation

The screenshots and video at the bottom of the this web page are only to familiarize the candidate with the navigation of the new Phase II Surgical Competency Examination format. The text below describes the format, but candidates should review the screenshots and video for a complete understanding. For a description of the examination content, timing, and all other information please refer to the Phase II information pamphlet.

Common to both the Case-based and Practical Sections

  • Images and videos will be either embedded within the examination page with a highlighted hyperlink to expand to a full screen or just hyperlinked to expand to full screen. These hyperlinks will be listed as Image… or Video… and when clicked will expand to full screen with an “X” in the top right corner to collapse it again and return to the text of the test.
  • Pages will scroll via a standard scroll bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Do NOT use the forward/back keys of the web browser. Use the buttons at the bottom of each page to advance.
  • Time clocks will always be visible at the top of the page. They display the time remaining.
    • The case-based section has a clock on each page that shows the time remaining for that page only. These pages vary in time from 2-6 minutes.
    • The practical section has one clock that shows the time remaining for the entire practical section.
  • There is a progress bar for each section displaying the percentage of the examination completed.

Case-based Section Format

The case-based section is comprised of two parts, orthopedic/neurosurgery and soft tissue. The progress bar represents the entire section (including both the orthopedic/neurosurgery and soft tissue parts). There will be a 20-minute optional break between these two parts. During this time, you will stay logged in to the section and there is just one “submit” button at the conclusion of the entire section.

Practical Section Format

Unlike years past, now you will have an opportunity to move forward or back by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of each scrolling page. Do NOT use the forward/back keys of the web browser.

At the conclusion of the practical section you will find a summary page. This page will list all questions and allow you to return directly to a specific question by clicking the Edit Answers link at the bottom of that question.

You will also be able to “flag” a page to remind yourself there is an item you want to review. The FLAGGED icon will appear on the summary page to the right of the question.

Navigation Samples