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Examination FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered below, contact Jeff Melia at jmelia@acvs.org or 301-916-0200 ext. 102.

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Where can I find my feedback form?

Candidates who have taken the Phase I or Phase II examinations can find the forms in the application system. Log in at www.acvs.org/apply, go to My Account in the upper right, then click on My Library.

Why is the Phase I reading list material included in the Phase II reading list?

Information on clinical diseases and their specific treatment is excluded from the Phase I examination. However, Phase I reading list information is included on the Phase II examination. The Phase I examination is taken in preparation for the Phase II examination, but this does not exclude basic sciences information from being included on the Phase II examination. For instance, a mechanism of action of a drug in the Phase II exam may be asked in the context of treating a particular clinical condition.

I’m transitioning from the traditional examination. Do I have to pass Phase I before Phase II?

No, transitioning candidates can take Phase I and Phase II in any order. Each examination must be passed with 3 attempts.