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Resident Speaker Exchange Program Awards

Each year, a winner from the best ACVS resident presentations at the Surgery Summit, both small animal and large animal presentations, (as determined by the ACVS Residents’ Forum judges) are invited to present at the ECVS meeting. Winners in the research and clinical categories will alternate each year. ACVS reimburses the winners for expenses to attend the ECVS meeting, up to a specific dollar limit. ECVS selects their residents at their July meeting. Those ECVS awardees present at the next ACVS Surgery Summit.

2018 Recipients

Large Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Clinical)

Cole Sandow (Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Baton Rouge, LA) Carlos Aguilar, Nathalie Rademacher, Laura Riggs. Effects of Screw Size & Approach in Simulated Medial Condylar Fractures.

Small Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Clinical)

Erin Gibson (University of California, Davis, CA), Ingrid Balsa, Lynelle Johnson, William Culp, Michele Steffey, Philipp Mayhew, Michelle Giuffrida, Kathryn Phillips. Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcomes of Intrathoracic Disease Secondary to Grass Awn Migration in 37 Dogs.

2017 Recipients

Large Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Research)

Marcos Perez Nogues (University of California-Davis), Julie E. Dechant, Tanya Garcia-Nolen, Susan M. Stover. Evaluation of the Effect of Water Temperature on Fiberglass Cast Strength.

Small Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Research)

James Howard (The Ohio State University), Nina R. Kieves, Brittney Johnson, Judith Bertran, Antonio Pozzi, Stephen Jones. Measurement of Shoulder Abduction Angles in Dogs—An Ex-Vivo Study of Accuracy and Precision.

2016 Recipients

Large Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Clinical)

Kati Glass (Texas A&M University), Jeffrey Watkins. Intramedullary, Interlocking Nail Fixation of Humeral Fractures in 27 Horses Less than 1 Year of Age: (1989– 2013).

Small Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Clinical)

Stephanie Ann Majeski (University of California-Davis), Michele Steffey, Rachel Pollard, Mark Fuller, Geraldine Hunt, Philip Mayhew. CT Lymphography for Iliosacral Lymphatic Mapping in Dogs with Anal Sac Gland Carcinoma

2015 Recipients

Large Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Research)

Benjamin Duane Shrauner (North Carolina State University), Anthony Blikslager, Jennifer Davis, Nigel Campbell, Meghann Lustgarten, Timo Prange. Standing Lumbosacral Epiduroscopy in Horses.

Small Animal Residents’ Forum Presentation (Research)

Bronwyn Fullagar (The Ohio State University), Wei Rao, Xiaoming He, Chen Gilor, Feng Xu, Christopher A. Adin. Nano-Encapsulated Bilirubin Protects Murine Pancreatic Islet Cells Exposed to Hypoxic Stress.