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Residency & Certification

Sep 9 2013

Change to Minimally Invasive Surgery for small animal residents; two Diplomates required to train a resident; updated definition of supervision for surgery weeks.

Residents of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) are veterinarians who have chosen to pursue additional training in veterinary surgery. More than 100 residents start in programs each year.  Training programs are located in schools and colleges of veterinary medicine as well as private veterinary practices.

Completing an ACVS residency program is just one stage of the rigorous process of pursuing board certification in veterinary surgery.  In order to achieve board certification, individuals must obtain each of the credentials below.

  1. Successful completion and approval of all Residency Program Requirements as outlined in the Residency Program Guidelines
  2. Successful submission and acceptance of a scientific manuscript in an approved journal.
  3. Submission and acceptance of a Credentials Application.
  4. Successful completion/passing of all components of the certification examination.
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