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Residency & Certification

May 9 2016

The inaugural Phase I Surgical Knowledge Examination was held April 4 at Pearson VUE Test Centers. Changing the examination format and moving to computer-based testing has been a long-term initiative of the College. Many thanks to the Diplomates involved in the restructuring process. The next examination will be held April 3, 2017.

Apr 15 2016

Following requests from residents and review by the Resident Credentialing Committee, the Board of Regents has approved the addition of two new journals, BMC Veterinary Research Journal and Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, to the ACVS Approved Journals List.

Mar 10 2016

ACVS is honored to welcome 97 new Diplomates to the College.

Dec 1 2015

5 additional training programs have been recognized by the Board of Regents as Registered Residency Training Programs. A complete list of all 101 registered training programs is available on the website.

Dec 9 2015

2016 reading lists finalized; 2017 exam date will be April 3, 2017.

Veterinarians who wish to be board certified in veterinary surgery by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons must complete a three-year residency. Training programs are located in schools and colleges of veterinary medicine as well as private veterinary practices. Residency training programs must be registered by ACVS prior to training residents. The application deadline for program registration is August 21, 2015.

Completing an ACVS residency is just one stage of the rigorous process of pursuing board certification in veterinary surgery.  In order to achieve board certification, individuals must obtain each of the credentials below.

  1. Acceptance into an ACVS Registered Residency Training Program.
  2. Successful completion and approval of all Resident Training Requirements.
  3. Successful submission and acceptance of a scientific manuscript in an approved journal.
  4. Submission and acceptance of a Credentials Application.
  5. Successful passing of all components of the Certification Examination.
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