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ACVS Action on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

June 13, 2020

Dear Diplomates and Residents,

At this time of national and global racial unrest, the Board of Regents affirms the American College of Veterinary Surgeons’ (ACVS) commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We stand with our colleagues in, and all members of, the Black community to ardently denounce discrimination, oppression, and bias in all its forms. We support equitable treatment for all without prejudice.

The ACVS Board of Regents acknowledges that the ACVS must do more to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion within the College. The ACVS Board of Regents has voted to establish an ACVS diversity and inclusion committee within 60 days. The committee will be charged with crafting a statement on diversity and inclusion, and identifying and developing meaningful ways to build opportunity for all. The ACVS will take the appropriate steps to ensure that ACVS policies and actions are free of all forms of bias, bigotry, and racism.


Spencer A. Johnston, VMD
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Chair, ACVS Board of Regents