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New Approved Activities for Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

March 12, 2018

The ACVS Board of Regents has approved several additional professional development activities for use by all Diplomates undergoing maintenance of certification. These activities were added to the Approved Activities List and include: several continuing education opportunities, scientific poster presentations, co-authorship of textbook chapters, service on the Resident Credentialing Committee, and a series of approved ACVS Educational Partner webinars. ACVS has modified the deadline for requests for additional activity to allow submission prior to the activity or up to 90 days after the activity concludes. Diplomates certified in 2016 have until July 31, 2018, to submit requests for additional activities completed in 2016 prior to the publication of the Approved Activities List. Additionally, the Maintenance of Certification Policies and Procedures have been updated to include guidance for dual certification maintenance, and to clarify the effects of a loss of certification and the procedures for reinstatement.