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CSU Basic & Advanced Equine Arthroscopic Surgery

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 to Saturday, August 18, 2018
Fort Collins, Colorado
CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

This course teaches the basic principles of equine arthroscopy and will provide detailed instruction on arthroscopic techniques at the advanced level.

Basic Arthroscopy: Presented by Drs. Wayne McIlwraith, David Frisbie, Chris Kawcak and Laurie Goodrich. The course teaches the basic principles of equine arthroscopy in the carpus and dorsal fetlock joint including instrumentation and basic techniques, diagnostic arthroscopy of the carpus and fetlock joints; arthroscopic surgery of the carpus for osteochondral chip fragment removal and arthroscopic surgery of the dorsal compartment of the fetlock joint for proximal P1 chips, villonodular synovitis and OCD. The morning program will consist of lectures and video demonstration. The afternoon will be a laboratory with participants performing arthroscopic surgery using video under supervision of the instructors.

Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery: This totally revamped arthroscopic surgery course was previously given in 2013 with a renewed practical format, including four laboratories to give optimal practical information on how to do advanced arthroscopy and with particular emphasis on approaches for internal fixation of fractures in the carpus and fetlock, new arthroscopic techniques in the femoropatellar and femorotibial joints, advanced arthroscopic surgery of the hock and important tenoscopic surgical techniques as well as bursoscopy. There will be lots of hands-on instruction with plenty of top level instructors to help as the key issues. The course is headed by the authors’ of the fourth edition and upcoming fourth edition of Diagnostic and Surgical Arthroscopy in the Horse by Dr.’s McIlwraith, Nixon and Wright and assisted by Dr.’s Frisbie, Kawcak and Goodrich of Colorado State University.

Diagnostic Stifle Course: Ultrasound & Standing Arthroscopy (Equine): This one day, advanced, hands-on course will feature both didactic and wet-lab setting. Participants will learn in-depth gross anatomy of the equine stifle joint followed by the radiographic and ultrasonograpic anatomy of the stifle joint. This will be followed by both standard and special techniques on how to perform the standing clinical examination of the stifle using radiographs, ultrasound, and needle arthroscopy (18ga BioVison arthroscope). The afternoon wet lab will focus on hands-on examination of the equine stifle using both ultrasound on live animals and the needle arthroscope on cadaver limbs.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: http://www.cvmbs.colostate.edu/ce/arthroscopy-courses-2

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