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Data from Trauma Registry Available

August 10, 2016

The ACVECC Veterinary Committee on Trauma-Registry Subcommittee (VetCOT-RS) is accepting applications for use of data from the trauma registry on a rolling basis through 2017. As of July 2016, the database exceeded 15,000 cases. Applications for data will be accepted from any ACVS Diplomate or ACVS resident under the advisement of an ACVS Diplomate. The VetCOT-RS will approve up to 4 applications per year. It is expected that work from approved projects will be presented in abstract form at the following annual March Veterinary Trauma Critical Care conference.

Application information:

  1. VetCOT Registry Guidelines for Use and Authorship. Please review this document thoroughly if you plan to submit an application for data use.
  2. VetCOT Application for Trauma Registry Use. If applying, send to: wilke022@umn.edu
  3. REDCap Instructions. This document lists the data points that are being entered by the participating Veterinary Trauma Centers into the database to help investigators develop research questions based on data available. Please indicate in the application which specific data points and dates of data entry will be needed to answer your research question (data entry began September 2013).

Please contact Kelly Hall, DVM, MS, DACVECC, (wilke022@umn.edu), if you have any questions.