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Maintenance of Certification Record FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered below, contact the ACVS office (MOC@acvs.org)

Q: How do I access my online Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Record?
A: Use your existing ACVS website username and password to access your online record at www.acvs.org/apply. Only Diplomates required to undergo MOC will have online records.  If you are not yet certified or are not participating in MOC you do not have an online record. 

Q: What do all the different Button Colors mean?
A: ORANGE buttons indicate a REQUIRED ACTION for the user. BLUE buttons indicate options for the user to ADD or SAVE an activity to be completed later. GREY buttons indicate the activity is recorded and waiting for requirements to be complete or for action by another party.

Q: What are the little blue dots I see when I’m entering my activity information?
A: These markers provide the user with additional instructions about the information required by the field. Hover or click on the icon to see the necessary information.

Q: What is the ‘cog’ or ‘gear’ icon used for?
A: This is the ‘action icon’ and allows the user to edit or delete an activity that has already been completed. Hover or click on the gears to see RECALL STEP (to open a completed activity for editing) or DELETE options. NOTE: There is no ‘undo function’. If you delete an activity from your MOC Record by mistake you will need to manually add the activity again.

Q: What is the ‘menu’ or ‘card’ icon used for?
A: This is the ‘overview card icon’ and allows the user to quickly view completed activities without having to recall them for editing and then resubmit. Click on these cards to see to see a summary the information you entered for a completed activity or to see all the activities you have completed for an entire section at one time. Some overview cards include a Printer-Friendly option which is useful for keeping a copy of your completed MOC record.