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Advances in Veterinary Surgery Book Series

Read books and articles written by ACVS board-certified veterinary surgeons.

Advances in Veterinary Surgery

The latest in key areas of evidence-based veterinary surgery can be found in the collaborative book series between Wiley-Blackwell and the ACVS Foundation, Advances in Veterinary Surgery. Purchase books and get details on the collaborative book series from the links below.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to create a valuable resource that will define the standards of surgical excellence, promote advances in veterinary surgery and provide the latest in surgical education for surgery specialists, general practitioners, and veterinary students. For information on how to become part of this exciting series, contact Wiley-Blackwell’s Commissioning Editor, Erica Judisch, at ejudisch@wiley.com.


Advances in The Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Edited by Dr. Peter Muir (September 2010)

Advances in Equine Laparoscopy

Edited by Dr. Claude A. Ragle (October 2012)

Advances in Equine Upper Respiratory Surgery

Edited by Dr. Jan F. Hawkins (January 2015)

Advances in Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs and Cats

Co-edited by Drs. James M. Fingeroth and William B. Thomas (February 2015)

​Advances in Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy

Co-edited by Drs. Boel Fransson and Philipp Mayhew (October 2015)

Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement

Co-edited by Drs. Jeffrey N. Peck and Denis J. Marcellin-Little (November 2012)

Current Techniques in Veterinary Neurosurgery

In collaboration with ACVIM, co-edited by Drs. Andy Shores and Brigitte Brisson (August 2017)

Locking Plates in Veterinary Orthopedics

Co-edited by Drs. Matthew D. Barnhart and Karl C. Maritato (November 2018)

Complications in Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Co-edited by Drs. Ron Ben-Amotz and David Dycus (July 2021)



dvm360 magazine

Surgery STAT offers helpful tips and insightful information for general practitioners in veterinary medicine that perform surgical procedures. This collaborative initiative between ACVS and dvm360 magazine is written by ACVS board-certified surgeons who understand the importance of forming an interdependent partnership with their professional colleagues and animal owners to provide the best possible care to the animal.