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Pet and Equine Memorial Program

“Veterinarians play an important role to support their clients during the process of mourning."1

95% of people consider their pet a member of their family. Honor the loss of a beloved pet through the ACVS Foundation Pet and Equine Memorial Program. When you make a donation in the amount of $125 to the program, you will receive a set of five memorial cards. Sending this special memorial card is a simple, yet thoughtful gesture, for the grieving owner. Your participation in the Pet and Equine Memorial Program supports the mission of the ACVS Foundation to advance surgical care for all animals through research and education.

1 Fernandez-Mehler, P., Gloor, P., Sager, E., Lewis, FI., Glaus, TM. (2013) Veterinarian’s role for pet owners facing pet loss Veterinary Record 172, 555.


​The cards contain a pre-printed message with space available for a personalized handwritten note. The memorial cards and matching envelopes will be mailed to you via USPS within 3 to 5 business days.


View sample of pre-printed small animal themed memorial cards

View sample of pre-printed large animal themed memorial cards

You may also order the memorial cards by using the Pet and Equine Memorial Card Order Form.

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