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ACVS Foundation Legends Award Nominations

ACVS Foundation Legends Award Nominations Due April 1

The ACVS Foundation’s Board of Trustees established the Legends Award to recognize ACVS Diplomates who have developed a surgical or diagnostic procedure of significant value proven by becoming the treatment or test of choice for a given condition. The procedure or test should have “withstood the test of time” and, while perhaps modified over time, remains the treatment or diagnostic method of choice or the scientific basis for the current treatment of choice. The award has been given annually since 2005; however, there is no requirement that the award be given every year. The award is presented at the ACVS Surgery Summit.

The size of the College makes it difficult for us to know everyone and their professional accomplishments. For this reason, the ACVS Foundation’s Board of Trustees is seeking input from Diplomates to develop a list of potential award recipients. Perhaps you have a mentor or colleague who you feel is deserving of recognition.

Please send the name of the Diplomate who you feel is deserving of consideration for the award, along with your letter supporting your recommendation and letters of support from two additional Diplomates, to ACVS Foundation Trustees R. Randy Basinger (vetsurgdoc@gmail.com) or R. Reid Hanson (hansorr@auburn.edu). Your help with recognizing the leaders in veterinary surgery is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to receiving your input.

ACVS Foundation Awards Committee

R. Randy Basinger, DVM, DACVS
William D. DeHoff, DVM, MS, DACVS
Dean W. Richardson, DVM, DACVS  

Past Recipients of the ACVS Foundation Legends Award