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Nathaniel A. White II


Nathaniel A. White II


I am honored to have my previous residents donate to the ACVS Foundation in recognition of my mentoring. Following the success of these individuals has been a great source of pride for me. Their initiative and talent made my tutelage a pleasure. I hope I have passed on my same passion for teaching and learning.

Nathaniel A. White II, DVM, MS, DACVS

Dr. White’s gifted surgical talent and thorough evaluation of the horse in all aspects of equine surgery and lameness are truly skills to emulate. His compassion and love of horses stands out as he strives for optimal care of his patients. One of my favorite memories of him was seeing him walk through the barn at the end of every day to ensure his patients were set for the evening. A standard he set for me.

Patricia Doyle-Jones, DVM, DACVS


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